Adam Amanuel: “Optimistic Ubiquity”

(“Tomorrow’s Voices Today“ is a new series curated by poet and educator Mike Sonksen.)

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As the new year settles in, how are you capturing moments?
How are you capturing the days in this year?
We tend to give the concept of time a more powerful position in our lives then we need too.
Understanding the obvious importance of time, but realizing this is the present, this is one day and in this day there are moments, that we don’t pay attention to.
Live life through those moments. Understand that the best gift in life is love
And once we learn how to incorporate love into the moments in the day, then we have achieved.
Everyone in life has their own journey, that is uniquely connected to them
Uniquely bounded, meaning no one else could ever experience your exact experiences
People have a hard time identifying their journey and who they are.
If you feel lost, and cannot seem to “find” yourself
Create yourself.

There is no time limit
at times where you don’t understand
Separate yourself from your mind
And understand there are people that love you
And there are people that need your love
You could read this and not take it to heart but it’s true.
Love keeps people alive
and the more love one emulates
the happier one becomes
and optimism becomes easier.
Being negative is easier than being positive
Why do you think so?
when you get down
you should already be up
because having one bad moment or even a couple bad moments in one day
doesn’t compare to all the amazing moments in your lifetime

live through those moments
love through those moments
and you will achieve
the beauty of life seems to slip from people
because people focus on ideas that hold no weight (like hate)
and devalue themselves
“but no one’s go to the beach and pays attention to the footprints on the sand, instead to be mesmerized by the beauty of the sea”-aaa
your mind is ubiquitous
and so is your heart
focus on yourself, focus on loving yourself
and focus on emulating love to others
through the moments in the day
happiness is defined on how you define it
and it isn’t as far as you think
love and live.

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