Ajoke Adetoye: Two Poems

The One That Never Comes


Why won’t
tell me all your secrets?
Don’t you know am a Bairn who never falls?
Why won’t
pour your heart out to me?
When you know I’ll hit the road every single time you call

Please don’t tell me you’re falling
’Cause I wouldn’t know what to do with myself
Please don’t tell me you love me
’Cause I have been waiting, waiting, waiting
For the one, who never comes

I have trot for love in all directions
But you’ve been here all along
So how could it be. you?
In my dreams, this mare was so different
and i was caught off guard
and don’t know what to do.
It is important you know

are the sunshine through my day
are the laughter when we say,
all the things we shouldn’t say
When the others left
You stayed
Now that the cards have all been played
Baby let’s not walk away
’Cause I have been waiting, waiting, waiting
For the love,
Never came




The beat in my heart
The syllable of love is beautiful
When you gently stressed your pouty lips to
“fall in love with me”

“Your beauty enthralls me
I have fallen for you
My heart yearn for you”
This is all my mind utters the first time I set my eyes on you

Smile for me
Look into my eyes-
Talk to me
No matter what you say, I’ll SMILE all through
Because you are my love.
My heart choose you
How do i tell you i love you?

My heart desires leads me to you,
That’s how MUCH my heart beats for you
The desires of my heart is to keep staring at you while you sleep,
And to watch the sunrise on your face
And to see how contagious and beautiful your SMILE is..




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