Alexis Unger: “Days of Change”

Days of Change

The feeling of the sun on your shoulders after a cold week

The fresh air that comes with a change made

Opening up your day for more time with yourself, with the earth

A day brightened by a tall tree or a friendly dog

If you find yourself stopped at a green light it may be time to make a change

Do more of the things that make you remember Sunday morning on easter, walking through the freshly cut grass looking for the brightest egg to fill your basket while your your grandmother laughs because she knows youʼve just walked past an egg she hid

Do more of the things that make you remember walking through the front door after a long walk home, from a day at the park to a freshly mopped floor and dinner in the oven, with the sink water running so your mother doesnʼt notice you walk in and you steal a moment to admire her care

Do more of the things that bring you back to the first day of summer, a clean room with an empty backpack, a bright blue pool waiting for you to jump in, and a seemingly endless amount of long, warm days ahead

Do more of the things that remind you of what it used to feel like when you got the chance to explore a town thatʼs only been 30 minutes away from you your whole life but have never seen, only driven through

Do more of the things that make you thankful, that make life feel as though it is embracing you or you are embracing it, rather than it weighing down on you and you desperately shoving the dead weight off of you

Do more to make life feel like more

Do less to make room for more

Letting go of things that do not serve you and do not make life feel louder

What is the point of doing anything if it does not serve you

This is not to say be selfish and cold and think for yourself because often times thinking for others does more for yourself than being selfish does

Because serving those around you allows the earth to serve you

Letting someone with three items go ahead of you in the grocery store rather than getting out of the store two minutes faster

If youʼre waiting in traffic admire the lights that reflect off of the long row of parked cars to your right

Take a deep breath and turn up the music, thank the sun for shining or the moon for returning, reflect on your day and plan ahead

If we stopped moving so fast maybe we could stop running full speed into the unknown

Running blind through a dark house, youʼre bound to hit a wall and stub your toe but walking mindfully through the same thick darkness leaves you able to navigate to your desired destinations with less bruises and less time needed to recover

But sometimes life should hurt, life should be cold, life should be drenched and make you ache because living is dying

Living is only the chance to be alive

Living is being alive

Living is breathing in and breathing out and acknowledging it

So you had a bad day but you just had 3 good days so how bad are you going to let this day be

Are you going to get up and do the things youʼve been wanting to do for yourself Or are you too busy dreading the thought of doing the things you are required to do for other people to serve yourself

Because life is one big checks and balance system designed to give you just enough pain and just enough love to keep you grounded, to keep you off of the floor but out of the clouds

We all share one life yet we act like we are individual beings without an intertwining path, without a shared future

And weʼve found ourselves with a much shorter future than we imagined for ourselves

If we cannot rid ourselves of selfish thoughts and get back to the simple way of life we used to once be content with

Then the earth will rid us from her surface and we will be no more

No more 5 oʼclock traffic because there is no one left to keep time

No more lines at the DMV because there is no need for rushing from place to place because there is no where to go

No more bad days at work because the office is empty and the earth is still

The only movement registered is that of the creatures and the forces that do not know themselves from the earth

Because with knowledge comes power but with too much power comes defeat, destruction and decay

So keep life simple

Because a simple life is only one thought away

One thank you

One pause

One smile

One day

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