Ali Sheikh: “Power of Communication”

Power of Communication

by Ali Sheikh


Something I believe in whole heartedly is the power of communication. When communicating with anyone, no matter who it is, there is an undeniable way to get the chances of anything in your favor. Whether it be your grade or asking to stay out late, you can try to accomplish getting the individual to have their opinion sway in your favor especially when it comes to debating. I really enjoy debating and arguing with other individuals.

I used to be in the debate club in high school and we would go on competitions at around six-am in the morning. I personally never got the chance to participate in the competitions, but I had the opportunity to watch many people perform and give their piece. I’ve learned many techniques when it comes to communication, but what I know is that confidence is one of the, if not the most important thing to have. Of course technique is important, but having the ability and will to say anything to anyone is such a feat that not many people have.

What some people fail to realize when communicating is they need to properly convey their tone and switch the way they speak according to who they are talking to. For example, you are not going to speak top your professor the same way you would speak to your best friend. It just would not make sense. You need to be professional when the time comes, if you are relaxed you whole life and do not show professionalism anytime anywhere, then where will that get you.

Bargaining and communicating are not easy tasks if you are talking to someone who is stubborn and will not budge. I’m always thinking outside of the box. I think creatively and out the ordinary. If you can show the individual you are not a normal person but someone who has unlocked the social butterfly within you and can clearly show that. I can promise you people will treat you differently. Not in a good or bad way, but in a way, they know you will speak up to something you do not agree with.

One other thing that I consider to be very important in communication is how you portray yourself as an individual. People in a professional setting take their attire and the attire of others very seriously, so when they see someone who is not taking their clothing seriously and believes its only about the way you can speak, they are not happy. People need to understand that in order to put yourself in an opportunity to communicate and show how good you are as an asset to whatever it may be. You need to dress the part to be the part.

I believe that corporate lawyers are some of the most sly, vindictive, and intelligent people to achieve justice for their client. When being a lawyer you cannot show up to the courthouse in leisurely attire, it would not be appropriate. So in order to achieve success in the realm of communication, one person must be able to be confident in themselves, have the capability to adapt to any given situation, and to take their clothing and professionalism very seriously.


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