Alicia “Amiable” Lebruin: “Still fighting”

Still fighting

(A tribute to Lives lost due to racial terrorism)


Like my father before me
I’m still fighting to be free
With everything in me
Hunted relentlessly….
I’m a slave
To this land of the brave
In this home of the free.
Fighting a futile fight!
Cause I will NEVER be white!
I march on in crowds
Screaming loudly
“My life matters!!!”
But if they can’t hear me
Begging to breathe,
How will they hear me
Asking to live?
I march on and on…..
The road is rugged and long
My heart is broken but strong.
And I’m still fighting
With all of my might
For the right
To be me.
Like my father before me
Who was sold for a dollar
Then chained by his color.
But he fought
And bought our freedom
Or so he thought.
I’m still a slave
In the land of the brave……
And I’m still fighting
This endless war
Terminally black
With no cure.
Valued less
More and more……
Afraid to go
To the corner store.
Lest they take my life
With a gun or a knife
Or their bare hands or knees
While I cry “I can’t breathe.”
And all that will be left
Is my name.
And best believe
My color will be blamed
Like those before me
Who fought to be free.
Born black
I wish you didn’t
Have to fight for me
Tell me….
How can i RIP???
When I died fighting
For a color I didn’t choose
I died hoping I didn’t lose
This fight.
And hoping that my soul might
Join the marching crowd
Behind of Ahmaud Aubrey
And George Flyod
Who were Slaves in the land of the brave
Then Freed from the home of the free.
Born black.
Gone black.
Chained to this color
Please Fight for me.
Don’t stop fighting for me.

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