Elaine Mintzer: "All Roads"

Elaine Mintzer is a California poet who takes her inspiration from hotel brochures.

All Roads

For those who will be driving, the Adam’s Mark
has direct access to all major interstates.
For those who will be flying, at some point
they will have to get out and walk.
For those who are wondering about the real Adam’s mark,
the sweat of his brow leaves no permanent stain,
but his son, Cain, has a reserved suite.
For those who bear Adam’s face
or Cain’s mark, chances are
they were born of Eve.
For those who have pain in childbirth,
whose heel is vulnerable to the serpent,
gratuities will be given in the form of jewels,
but only if they arrive in uniform.
For those who delight in stories of clay and the breath of God,
they must realize that pre-registration
does not speed the check-out process.
For the 92% who believe in God,
good luck.
For the rest of you,
sinners, heathens, pagans,
believers in false truths
and atheists—
I’ll see you in hell.

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