Andrew Ban: Three Poems


It’s dark out
It’s cold out
Any moment now the sun might come out
But i can still here the sounds of people moving
The sound of people struggling
The sound of people trying their best to live in this harsh society
I thought i wasn’t getting much sleep these days
These people don’t sleep at all
I lay in my bed
My body devoured
I lay there staring up in the ceiling
I think to myself
It must be freezing cold outside
How can those people have the motivation to go out at this time
I feel a chill down my spine
Somethings not right but i don’t know what
I think eating a snack would solve the problem
I stand up and go look for some food
I sit down with all the food i scavenged
A tuna can, some leftover chicken and some ramen
Todays hunt was successful i thought
I will make it my mission to finish this as fast as i can
I dig in quickly
I eat til there is nothing left
except the last chicken leg
After this i can finally go to bed with a full stomach
I pick it up
And I..
Beep beep beep…
wake up


Injury to insult

The only time i insult someone is when
I get insulted that’s why you should
Add injury to an insult
You have to stand up for yourself
When you insult them
Make sure to injure them as well
And don’t just minorly injure them
Permanently damage them
So they don’t have to come to school
So that they don’t have to all this nasty homework
I wish I don’t have to come to school anyways
I’m not sure about you
But personally i was taught to never take any disrespect from anyone
Me personally i would have to add injury to insult



I wish that it ended. She keeps talking and talking. I’m not listening, who is? Nobody listening there, all sleeping. School is such a waste.

I wish that time stopped. I never thought it was fun. Schools should host more parties. We stayed there until 9. It ended in a flash.

I wish that he didn’t. Throwing that beautiful ramen away. I’m inside the school starving. While he wastes that ramen. My poor beautiful delicious ramen.

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