Anna Thomas on the Persevering Carobeth Laird

The illustrious Anna Thomas shares the story of linguist and anthropologist Carobeth Laird, who dedicated herself to exploring little-known Native American tribes. Her life was not easy, but in it, there was genius, passion, sacrifice and a terrific twist in the story at the end. You’ll want to know about this woman.

Anna Thomas on Carobeth Laird

AnnaThomas_Carobeth Laird

Carobeth Laird was an uneducated teenager with no hopes of attending college when, in 1915, she took a summer course with celebrated anthropologist John Peabody Harrington Starved for knowledge, the girl fell head over heels in love with linguistics and cultural anthropology.The great man recognized her talent and almost immediately began both teaching and exploiting her. Listen to the story of their strange and profound relationship, and learn how Laird’s brilliance and powerful sense of self won out in the end.

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