Arcade Fire: A Reflektion of Ourselves?

There has been much ado about the new single from Arcade Fire, Reflektor, and for good reason. Known for their inventive approach to production, this music video is more than just a catchy tune. Directed by Anton Corbijn, this collaborative effort between the band, filmmaker Vincent Morisset, and a special team from Google is a stunning – and subversive – message.
Billed as both a short film and a virtual projection, Reflektor’s allure goes above and beyond the actual music. The interactive video requires the viewer to “plug in” with a device in order to manipulate the images onscreen – and yet the deeper question reflects on the modern paradox of connection. Always online but never available, the Internet generation has, for better or for worse, changed the nature of communication. With Reflektor, Arcade Fire asks: at what cost?
Make sure to follow directions for the full experience.

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