Are Mobile Slots The Same With Online Slots?

Gambling hasn’t always been as accessible as it is now. It wasn’t that long ago when you still had to attend a betting shop or other gambling establishments to make a bet. However, the mid-1990s was when things really changed the gambling industry beyond recognition. The move to online gambling courtesy of virtual casinos opened the world of betting to anyone and everyone. The thing with gambling is that it is something nearly everybody tries with in their life times. Online gambling appealed to those who always wanted to gamble but were not willing to visit casinos or betting shops for various reasons. Online gambling at pay by mobile casino demolished this boundary and offered easy access to gambling in an environment of the punter’s choosing.

Choice and Accessibility The Keys To Success

The move by major gambling brands to online platforms has ensured the success and popularity of this common hobby. Now there is a huge choice of games to gamble on, before slots, it was mostly table games and sports betting. However, these games do not have the wide appeal of slots. It is not only the game choice that is a key to success, but the accessibility of the products you are offering . You can now gamble from the comfort of your own home and remain anonymous. Punters can also gamble 24/7 at a time that suits their lifestyles.

Mobile Generation

Mobile gaming has added another layer to the accessibility of gambling. You can now take your favourite casino and the casino games with you. You can play to pass the time whilst commuting to and from work. You can game whilst waiting for an appointment or public transport. People are no longer limited to gambling whilst they are at home and this is thanks to mobile gaming and the popularity of Smartphones. Mobile gambling is especially popular with females and since 39% of slot players are women, the move to making all online casinos mobile, will only help this figure increase in the future. The growth of those accessing mobile casinos through smartphones has led to 15% of last year’s gambling industry revenue being attributed to mobile gaming. Some virtual casinos have more mobile players than desktop ones.

These kinds of statistics are continuing to increase because we literally use our phones for everything these days. Whether it’s to browse the net, keep in touch with friends, or to organize our days and remind us of appointments, our lives are revolving around these devices.

Mobile Slots

The good news is that mobile slots offer similar gameplay to desktop slots. The only disadvantages are the smaller screens available on most mobile devices. However, there are tiny differences with some mobile slots and this is all down to how good the display is on your mobile device. With screens constantly improving on Smartphones, this difference is negligible. You can choose to play slots through popular web browsers or through dedicated apps that can be downloaded straight to your device. Both options offer a similar gaming experience to desk tops.

Photo by Lee Thomas on Unsplash

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