Are Premium Mobiles Worth the Cost?

Upgrading to a new mobile can be an exciting process, but it’s also an experience rife with potential pitfalls. As eager as many of us are to shake off the frustrations of our older devices, the evolution of mobiles is often so rapid that newer tech can leave us scratching our heads. In the years past, paying a premium would guarantee us an appreciably improved experience. Today, however, the market isn’t quite so simple.

The Raising Bar

In many ways, improving digital technologies has been somewhat of a Sisyphean task. Hardware gets faster, and in doing so software runs better. Over time, software demands rise, and hardware again has to catch up. Rinse and repeat and you have the environment of internet speeds and mobile power over the last few decades. Thankfully, this pattern couldn’t keep up forever. Fibre for the internet, for example, is finally at the point where we’re past playing catch-up for most users, with speeds being far more capable than what common transmission tasks demand. This, in a nutshell, is the same case with modern mobiles.

In other words, mobiles have now reached the point where the big leaps forward in premium machines will often be for nought. Sure, some users could appreciate an ultra-high detail and frame rate camera, a 120Hz display, or resolutions well above 1080p, but these users are in the minority. For most, a mid-range machine isn’t going to be noticeably different than one hundreds of pounds more expensive, and that’s something we could encourage new buyers to keep in mind.

Depending on how you use mobiles, this disparity might have already been visible for years. One of the more popular illustrations of the concept could be found in casino bingo live games. Despite offering cutting-edge tech, the demands of these live titles like Roulette and Mega Fire Blaze have rarely pushed mobiles to their limits. With so much overhead, players who focus on titles like these have no real need to rush out for an upgrade, at least for now.

Possible Exceptions to the Rule

Though the above will prove true for most users, there are exceptions in the current market, and ones that could increasingly apply in the future. Today, those who could see a benefit from premium machines are those who use their mobiles for the most demanding games like CoD Mobile and Genshin Impact. While most fans of these games find their home on PC, there’s also no doubt that better performance in these titles can give real gameplay advantages on mobile.

In the future, there’s also the possibility that mobiles could act more as dockable stations for work and home computing. There are already some early versions of these systems in the wild, and while they haven’t yet seen mass acceptance, their potential could mark them as viable systems in the growing remote work environment.

With these points in mind, users not intimately familiar with the mobile market will hopefully have a better idea about what tier of mobile device is right for them. Though the top models can be the most enticing, remember they might not be as advantageous as they once were. Of course, it’s your money, so, at the end of the day, you could always just go with whatever you feel is best.

Photo by Adrien on Unsplash

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