Are social networks destructive or useful?

In the age of innovation and technology, we have many opportunities, choices and, of course, social networks. Social networks beckon us every day and we always spend much more time there than we originally planned. Now humanity has such a variety of social networks that it could never have imagined. Each social network has its own sources and prerequisites for its origin, and its own unique history of creation. For example, Facebook is one of the most popular social networks today. This platform even has its own unique Facebook logo history. So, one ambiguous fact about Facebook is about a third of users experience a really powerful feeling of apathy after visiting this social network. In fact, everything is simple here. Usually people in such social networks view inspiring photos of friends, acquaintances and even random people. As a result, people simply remain dissatisfied with their own lives. Such discontent, along with disappointment and similar feelings, the situation even reaches serious depressions and unshakable self-doubt. And, as it is already clear, each social network has both disadvantages and advantages. In other words, you can find both pros and cons on social networks.

Reflections on the harm and benefits of social networks is a frequent topic of discussion. It is useful for everyone living in the modern world to understand this issue in order to gain their point of view.

In fact, some people do not understand why social networks are needed and how they were created. This part of people cannot use social networks at all, despite the fact that they may miss a lot of opportunities. Undoubtedly, despite this rather widespread opinion, educational content can be easily found on all these sites. The main thing is to initially make the right selection with the information you are interested in, so that later the algorithm of social networks will show you the appropriate advertising and content more often.

For most Internet users, the social network is a communication. For some, this is the only way to communicate with loved ones at all. This is a great advantage and benefit for those who live far from their relatives. With the help of a social network allowing you to use the options for free, a person can correspond for free, exchange files and even make audio and video calls.

Recently, various platforms and social networks have provided many opportunities to earn money. Many promote their business with the help of them or even become popular and famous, receiving income from a personal blog and advertising placed there. So social networks have created a new way to generate income, which is now very popular.

So, among the various functions of social networks, a person can use anyone that he needs. Among them there are entertainment, social, communicative, educational and so on. You can\’t list all of them, everyone can find what they require there for themselves.

Of course, along with so many advantages, you should not underestimate the harm of social networks. Excessive involvement and non-compliance with the measure in any case leads to negative consequences.

First, it\’s a waste of time. Many people are willing to sit for hours flipping through the news and looking through useless articles. Indeed, there is no question of any productivity here. Social networks often eat up our time throughout the day. We are typically distracted by messages, videos or audio. Everyone knows how a couple of minutes spent in the application will eventually result in a couple of hours.

As mentioned earlier, the social network creates self-doubt. Many people post photos with retouching and fully edited on social networks. This is a kind of distortion of real life, its appearance, and so on.

Social networks generate a lot of stress. This is a kind of unofficial media, and therefore sometimes viewing such unconfirmed news regularly causes negative emotions and even stress.

The variety of content is, of course, an advantage. On the other hand, the recommendations may work poorly, and the authors themselves may produce low-quality and low-grade material. Here it is necessary to control the consumption of information and consume it consciously. Due to consumption errors, social networks can really be very tiring, and this is a kind of information garbage.

So, social networks exist and this is inevitable. Each person should independently decide how they will consume information and use social networks in general. He can consume everything in a row without sorting and seeing nothing wrong with it, but he can qualitatively sort the content and use all the advantages from each of the platforms on the Internet.

Photo by Lala Azizli on Unsplash

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