Art Takes Control

Call them “switch boxes,” or, as I discovered, “control cabinets” (their real name). I call them Art. These inventive paintings are a source of color and whimsy along our busy streets. I’ve been photographing them since I moved downtown, in May of 2013, because, like much street art, they are ephemeral. I feel compelled to document them before they disappear. I’m delighted to share the best of them with you…

IMG_7211 IMG_7124 IMG_4576 IMG_3615 IMG_1492 IMG_7118 IMG_7114 IMG_7090 IMG_7094 IMG_7200 IMG_7222 IMG_7122 IMG_6558 IMG_6722 IMG_7217 IMG_7220 IMG_7225 IMG_7213 FullSizeRender 2

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