Art Teacher Attempts to Transcend Language

Jason Ackman is a high school art teacher from Rushville, Illinois. He is also a sculpture and installation artist, who for the past several years has specialized in creating works from reclaimed wood. Since 2010 he has been developing a project he calls Discern, with the hope that he would display this multi-piece installation at ArtPrize, which takes place in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and is one of the largest art festivals of its kind in the world. Jason isn’t asking for much, but is in need of funds to complete the sculpture and transport it to the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts, where it will be on display throughout the festival. Jason describes the project as follows, on his Kickstarter page:
Discern is an installation utilizing sculptures of luggage, ladders, rotary telephones and railroad push carts along with suspended ladders and telephone handsets. Over the past few years I have been working with concepts that deal with transition and discernment. This concept/installation is a result of much thought in regards to communication and how our life experiences affect what we choose to pursue and from where we seek direction to make those decisions. It really is a personal narrative in response to our world and how we navigate through it. The things we choose to listen to and the life experiences we choose to hold onto.
His needs are modest, but the tasks for making his dream come true is still a tall one. With your support, Jason can make this happen, so visit his Kickstarter page today to contribute and learn more.

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