Arts and Homes: 5 Artsy Ideas for Your Home Upgrades

Doing upgrades in your home is not only about changing the old to new or replacing soiled pieces to clean ones, not only about the functions or the price. But home upgrades should characterize your appreciation of art, beauty, and sophistication.

So, on your next home upgrade, look beyond the piece to see the art and appreciate the beauty. The list below will guide you on putting some art on your home upgrade, either with your furniture or house space.


When you plan to upgrade your mattress, always make the right and practical choice in choosing one. The best mattresses are easily available to look for. Although these mattresses might look pricey, they actually aren’t and they’re worth every penny. Above all, consider a piece that creates a good vibe and adds beauty and art to your room.

You can always have an artsy effect on mattresses like beds with wood or metal frames. Woods can have carvings that make a subtle combination with your foams. Likewise, you can make metal frames into customized authentic designs that you would love like, modern, vintage or decorative styles. Or, if you have a comfortable budget, you can have a customized design to express the arts on your piece.

Kitchen Countertops

Your kitchen countertops can make a center attraction to your kitchen. Aside from the functionality that you always look into, consider also the style in choosing one. You can play around with the materials and design to develop the desired look and functions. You can make a countertop from marble, wood, granite, or quartz.

All these materials give a good and striking design to your countertops, but quartz stone is the trend today. The stone comes in various colors and an endless array of versatile patterns that readily blend into your kitchen design and layout. There are classic and elegant patterns available that also suit your style. There are also solid, stylish, but straightforward patterns that will also speak of your personality.

Dining Table

The dining table is not only for formal meals, but it is also a good space for families to engage, talk, and bond with each other. Make that experience more meaningful by the value of its aesthetics. Don’t make it just a piece, but an important piece.

Dining tables come in different materials, and from these materials, you can make a beautiful design and a beautiful piece of art. You can make it from wood, metal, marble, glass, and many others. And out of these materials, you can make any sizes and shapes, like the traditional round, rectangle, or square shapes. You can also make your styles like modern or contemporary, traditional or rustic style.

Rustic dining tables are the best designs for your wood-themed house, like a farmhouse that speaks of organic and natural art. Rustic style usually uses natural and unpainted wood that exudes that simple and natural art of the wood.


When you look at a sofa, you seem to notice a piece of furniture draped with upholstery, cushions, or elegant blankets. But beyond that, sofas can also be an expression of an art piece and an attraction in your home. So, make it a point to make an art out of it on your next upgrade.

Art expressions do not limit to canvas, but on sofas as well. You can design it according to the shape you want or according to the layout of your available space in the house. You can have a curved sofa, an L-shaped sofa, a U-shape, or you want a sleeper sofa which you could both use as a sofa and a bed. You can also decide to have a sectional sofa or a mid-century modern piece.

Reinvent your imagination, dress your sofa according to the look you want to complement with an existing piece in the house. You can make a vintage look, pure white, serene and subdued colors, or you can make a conservative look for your pieces.


Your patio is traditionally an open space directly situated on the ground. This space in your backyard can either be attached or not from your house. And the decorative pieces in the patio are often made from various materials, like stone, tile, pebbles, pavers, rock, or sea gravel. Patios are generally built at ground level and set on a sand pebble base or a concrete slab.

If you want a more sophisticated patio, you can build a freestanding pergola. This pergola adds scenic views to the area aside from providing shade and a path walk to connect to other spaces in the yard like the pool.


Art is never an old-fashioned piece that you can have in any part of your house. It can either be expressed in canvass or simply on any pieces you wanted to acquire for your home upgrades. Combining art into each piece and design expresses your personality and, above all, gives a beautiful look, sophistication, and a lovely ambiance to your home.

Photo by Patrick Perkins on Unsplash

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