Arts & Psychology Intersect this Saturday, November 18, 2017 at Art Share LA

Artists watch and listen, very much like a therapist. Co-founders Pamela McCrory, PhD, and Terry Marks-Tarlow, PhD, created the Mirrors of the Mind project as a way to unite these two passions. Both intuitively knew it was a perfect combination…psychology and the arts.

Now in its sixth incarnation, “Mirrors of the Mind 6” is sponsored by the Community Outreach Committee (COC) of the Los Angeles County Psychological Association (LACPA). Its mission is to foster a culture of inclusiveness and respect for diversity in its organization and its community outreach efforts.

McCrory has seen first-hand the power that art plays in healing. She had the chance to participate in a yearlong auto-ethnography project called The Daily Habit of Capturing Beauty. Each participant researcher took a photograph of something ‘beautiful’ every day for a year. A selection of these photographs was accepted by the jury to be shown this year in the gallery. “Participating in the project helped each of us to slow down, appreciate life and observe the good around us every day,” said McCrory.

Co-founder Terry Marks-Tarlow Ph.D. will be exhibiting one work in the show. Her work Sinuous was created while working figuratively with live models. She admitted that she prefers to use colored pencils and occasional pen work as her sole medium. “Once in a while I dip into water colors, but I can’t seem to shake my addiction to the precision of colored pencils.”

Being an artist taught me how to look and how to listen, to become an intuitive observer,” said Milla Zeltzer, who is exhibiting work for the third year. “It taught me to be attentive. It taught me humility and patience. I have a great respect for individual’s intellectual and emotional processes.” Zeltzer was born and raised in the Soviet Union and currently works in oil and multi-media on canvas and canvas board. “Creating drawings inspired by life and life models, installation art and illustration are my other passions. Drawing was my first love, then acrylics. I came to oil painting much later in life.”

Another participating artist, Lawrence J. Martin works primarily in graphite on paper, with some mixed media, ink, oil and acrylic paint, photography. He will be exhibiting two works in the group show…a portrait of Martin Luther King and a drawing titled Man Hole. “My portrait of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was inspired largely by his legacy as a champion of civil and human rights,” said Martin. “His timeless message of love in times of hate and bitterness, and assertiveness and defiance in the face of aggression, offered an empowering and effective alternative to violence.”

This Saturday, November 18, 2017 from 5-10pm take in a breathtaking art reception at Art Share LA, 801 E 4th Place, LA, 90013. There is a $10 admission charge for the general public or $5 for students and LACPA members which comes with refreshments, and nibbles. Bid on art from the silent auction and enjoy musical performances, poetry and dance. The group show runs from November 15th to November 26th, 2017.

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