The 309 Collective

Ash Wang: “paradox poem”

paradox poem

i ask for myth and then try to go back as mortal

this is how i ended up in the forest, asking for too much

transcending predator and prey/prayer (the rabbit and the god),

i am the doctor and the nurse and the patient and the prodding metal instrument pushing into my embryo body

i tell the idea of him to wait, that i’m only just now becoming human again

he doesn’t respond, of course, my thoughts don’t respond they just ask and take and never receive an answer

i wonder if i was her thoughts then, a question i refused to answer that she go tired of asking

the other him is a black, gaping hole of questions and that’s why i liked him/hymn (the boy and these songs i liked to imagine him making)

they were just a means to an end

so The End

i am the one thought that will be answered because you didn’t ask for me and i didn’t ask for me


This a series of writings from members of The 309 Collective, a group made up of 11 teen poets, writers, musicians & artists. Follow them on their Instagram: @the309collective

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