ATTENDANCE: January – June

Attendance is documentary poetry by Rocío Carlos and Rachel McLeod Kaminer, who are collaborating on a book length manuscript for the duration of one year. This is the first six months of the project.

As we stand in relation to plants and animals—and one another—we are not exempt, but alive as creatures in and of the world. Taking attendance, and attending, alters* our writing, bodies; places—city, land, wilderness; times—past, present, future…

*fucks up / fucks with / plant sex



January — “To write about myself as a creature, or [about] someone I regard with desire and attraction— that’s one things(?). It’s different (is it?) those other regards. No? Yet to see people as people is…”
February — “Rain, come. Virgins in caves, plumed beauties. The moon rises, angels sing: yes/no/let come the torrent.”
March — “I didn’t know what I was looking at / I like being alone in the middle of the night reading / I liked being awake with you next to me sleeping, too / Sometimes”
April — “I am constantly aware of my lack of hunger.”
May — “And the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.”
June — “You dream of running in forests on four legs and tearing into red flesh. Your thighs are red. The red swirls down the drain.”

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