Augmented Reality in Tourism: How It’s Transforming The Travel Industry

Tourism is one of the largest industries in their home economies in many countries. The tourist business is always trying to keep pace with time and with new technology to step up the game. Especially now when the millennials are the dominant part of travelers. Increased Augmented Reality Tourism has great potential to enhance the experiences of travelers.

New mobile Augmented Reality apps provide useful information, navigation, guides, and translations. Using Augmented Reality to generate immersive visits with information about housing, rates, etc. It’s a nice manner to advertise your hotel and participate in visitors to a wide range of hotel facilities. Also, it is likely to turn one-time visitors into regular guests.


Tourists today are not going to pay attention to simple pamphlets. Augmented Reality enables information to be discovered on a new level–from printed flyers to get 3D animations. In their magazine, Marriott Hotels had worked with Blippar to produce such interactive ads. Additionally, users of the hotel app can even scan the ad to unlock a video presentation.

Pokemon Go, including the hospitality industry, has encouraged many other companies to use AR. Imagine how this Reality Game can encourage and involve individuals, particularly the younger, to remain in a specific hotel.

There’s also a lot of technology innovations inspired by the implementation of Augmented Reality, and you can find most of it in

Ease Of Transportation

Imagine that your aircraft has just arrived or you are leaving the bus/train/car in unknown locations and asking where to get there. If you have an Augmented Reality transport tool, you indicate the route, direction, next stop and locations of concern to the places that interest the customer.

You can often see tourist transportation moving around in large cities. What if we use Augmented Reality to change their classic looks. What if there could be a projection of buildings and monuments on windows or previous versions.

Beautiful Attractions

Using the Augmented Reality-enabled app, you can get much easier data about neighboring sights. You can go to a town and the phone will assist you to get all the data about the neighboring tourist destinations. The software will direct you to your location and provide you with data about the location’s background.

Exploring tourist destinations and increasing reality attraction transforms these classic city tours into something more extraordinary. We can travel back in time, see the evolution of landmarks from the perspective of time, enjoy 3D places models, get fun tour guides.

Astonishing Cuisines

Restaurants, bars, and other restaurants can use Augmented Reality solutions to their advantage in various ways Augmented Reality games/quests, as many restaurants even use Pokémon Go to Navigation help customers with special mobile apps using Augmented Reality to provide information about nearby restaurants, cafes, and bars.

Using AR-enabled applications, one could get all the food-related data. They would get a real-time view of the food, the size of the portion, the price, etc. The phone would also assist visitors to get data about all the hotels, cafes and bars in the vicinity.

Other Utilization Of Augmented Reality In Tourism

With marketing, All tourist agencies have tons of paper brochures and catalogs for travel. As we have already said, Augmented Reality possibilities with print media are virtually endless. Getting animated visualization would be much better for your customers. You can supply valuable information with AR marketing and help make the final decision faster.

For navigation, any tourist trip’s main purpose is to find new destinations and sights. And traveling through unfamiliar places can be very challenging. Maps for navigation with Augmented Reality or Augmented Reality apps make this much easier.

On language barriers, travelers probably won’t understand the local language and symbols when traveling overseas. Augmented Reality applications or characteristics such as Google Translate assistance by immediately changing data into your native language to prevent misunderstandings.


It is always a new experience to travel. This is truer than ever with AR tools, and what’s more, increased tourism reality is very handy for hotel tours, booking, travel information, language barriers, advanced navigation.

Traveling is always an environment of creative teaching. Augmented Reality in transport and tourism is extremely helpful for hotel reservations, reservation data, no language obstacles, and better navigation with improved instruments and instruments. By boosting transport memories with inventive mobile apps, Augmented Reality is already appealing to the eye.

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  1. Actually I thought that virtual reality software is more popular in travel industry – virtual showrooms, virtual tours, 360 video etc., but it’s cool to see the AR use cases as well, thank you for sharing

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