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  • As a long time observer of the contemporary art world and a widely published writer, Peter Clothier’s publications include: Aspley Guise (Red Hill Press, 1969); Parapoems (Horizon Press, 1972); Chiaroscuro, a Novel, (St. Martins Press, 1985, Signet Paperback, 1986); Dirty Down, a Novel, (Atheneum, 1987); and David Hockney, a Monograph in the Abbeville Modern Masters Series. He also wrote While I Am Not Afraid: Secrets of a Man’s Heart, a Memoir, published by High Mountain Press in Santa Fe in 1997 and a collection of political essays, The Bush Diaries. His most recent book is SLOW LOOKING: THE ART OF LOOKING AT ART, which describes and elaborates on the author’s “One Hour/One Painting” sessions, an idea he developed to practice a different, more profound and rewarding way of looking at art. Other recent publications include MIND WORK: SHEDDING DELUSIONS OF THE PATH TO THE CREATIVE CORE, a series of essays examining the importance of self-examination to the creative process, and PERSIST: IN PRAISE OF THE CREATIVE SPIRIT IN A WORLD GONE MAD WITH COMMERCE, which addresses the predicament of the creative individual in a culture in which celebrity and money trump talent and quality of work. Peter resides in Los Angeles with his wife Ellie Blankfort.

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