Average Monthly Weight Loss After Gastric Sleeve

Have you ever struggled with a big problem you just could not solve on your own? Time and time again you would keep trying, but only to find yourself failing. Well, every day more and more overweight people battle with obesity only to lose the battle and not the weight. Lucky for them advanced forms of weight loss surgery are available resources to help win the battle against obesity. After all, isn’t your life worth more than just obesity?

Gastric sleeve is an advanced, high-quality weight loss surgery that has helped so many people lose large amounts of weight very quickly and permanently. Let’s learn more about gastric sleeve and discover the average monthly weight loss you can expect to experience!

 The Benefits of Gastric Sleeve

The benefits of gastric sleeve surgery are incredible! This surgery cuts out roughly 80% of a patient’s stomach, allowing it to store less food, which naturally reduces hunger by reducing their body’s hunger hormones.

  • From allowing a person to drastically reduce their weight by hundreds of pounds, to improving their mental health and body image, to resolving their pre-existing conditions related to obesity, patients all over the world have been pleased with their results!

The Average Monthly Weight Loss

The average monthly weight loss after gastric sleeve surgery is 10 to 12 pounds each month. This averages about 5% to 6% of weight loss a month for patients.

  • Within one year of gastric sleeve surgery, this adds up to the average patient losing about 65% to 70% of their extra body weight!
  • Just take a look at real patient results for the average monthly weight loss after gastric sleeve.
  • Although individual results can vary based on current health factors, the chart below summarizes the average weight loss amounts patients can expect to lose each month.
Average Monthly Weight Loss Chart
MonthsWeight Loss Percentages of Extra Weight*

* Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed. The average monthly weight loss chart numbers are based on estimates.

 The Risks of Gastric Sleeve

The risks of gastric sleeve surgery are little to almost none! Although similar risks need to be acknowledged by patients before surgery, such as the risk of death from blood clots, a heart attack, kidney failure, breathing problems, bleeding out, or even the risk of vitamin/mineral deficiencies, etc. after surgery.

  • Every surgery comes with some risks.
  • Gastric sleeve minimizes these risks to very low levels by using state-of-the-art small camera surgical equipment and makes tiny surgical cuts to speed up patient recovery time.
  • It is a very safe procedure as long as patients follow the proper diet instructions after surgery, they can experience safe and successful weight loss results.


Research has shown gastric sleeve surgery to be a very safe and successful weight loss solution. Looking at real study results can tell us just how beneficial gastric sleeve surgery can be! One review study looked at several additional studies to combine findings on a broader level.

This study focused on a study that looked at 5,218 patients who showed they experienced a 67.3% weight loss of their extra body weight after having gastric sleeve surgery.

  • Also within one year of surgery, patients in this study who had pre-existing conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and other obesity-related medical conditions all became cured of these conditions.

Another study review in this study combined the results of 20 different studies involving 1,626 patients after following up with them after 5 years.

  • This study found after at least 5 years, patients maintained a weight loss percentage of 58.4% of their extra body weight.
  • Then following up with the same gastric sleeve patient group even up to 11 years later, showed patients were also able to maintain their weight loss results for an even longer period of time.

Final thoughts

Final thoughts on weight loss after gastric sleeve surgery depend on patients. All patients are unique with different starting body weights and lifestyle choices (whether they smoke or drink alcohol). Some have pre-existing medical conditions that make weight loss more difficult to achieve. Other patients do not always listen to the nutritional dietary requirements after gastric sleeve surgery, which could compromise their weight loss results.

The average monthly weight loss after gastric sleeve has been shown for most patients to be life-changing! This is of course, in a good way. Because your life means more than struggles, because your health is just too valuable to lose, because your family still needs you, ask your physician today if gastric sleeve surgery may be right for you.\


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