Award-Winning Doc Filmmaker to Share Secrets Oct. 18

How to Get Your Documentary Movie Made – and Seen
The MP3 will be available shortly.
Special Event teleseminar with Heidi Ewing, award-winning documentary filmmaker, director of Detropia (in theatres now; David Denby of The New Yorker calls it “the most moving documentary I have seen in years”), The Boys of Baraka, Jesus Camp, and Freakonomics.
Documentary filmmaking presents special challenges – how to tell the best story, how to get investors, and how to get distribution. Heidi Ewing has been remarkably successful meeting all these challenges and more. In this special event teleseminar, Heidi will share what she has learned to help you with your projects.
Heidi will be interviewed by Adam Leipzig, former president of National Geographic Films and publisher of Cultural Weekly, who was responsible for March of the Penguins, The Story of the Weeping Camel, and God Grew Tired of Us, some of the most highly-respected recent documentaries.
In this 90-minute telephone seminar you will learn:

  • How to decide what’s a good doc subject – and what isn’t
  • Successful ways to approach the people you want to document
  • How to get money for your project from TV networks, private investors and crowdfunding like Kickstarter
  • Which docs work internationally – and which ones don’t
  • Rules for taking your doc to a festival
  • Negotiating tactics to get distribution
  • Why self-distribution can be a viable option – and what’s the best way to do it
  • What things cost, how to save money, and how to budget your project so you don’t get surprises

Heidi and Adam will demystify the documentary world for you, take no prisoners, mince no words, and tell it like it is. You will save an enormous amount of time and money by using the information you’ll get in this seminar.
As a live participant, you will be able to email or tweet questions during the call, and Heidi and Adam will answer as many as possible.
When: The MP3 will be available shortly.
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