AWP 2014 Seattle & Grand Park BookFest

Ok! Let’s get this stuff going.

Starting next month (actually, starting now but…), schedule is getting a bit bonkers. There are a lot book stuff we have to deal with for the publications we have scheduled for the year.

But for now, we have two major events to prepare for: AWP 2014 in Seattle and the 2nd Annual Grand Park BookFest.

AWP 2014 – Seattle

AWP-logoWrit Large Press has never attended an AWP before. In fact, none of the individual members have attended it. So we are excited about participating in it this year!

We won’t officially have our own booth or anything. Instead, we are planning some activities with our friends at Kaya Press. In a recent meeting, we discussed the possibility of doing a PUBLISH! installation at the Kaya table. This would mean some sort of writing, making, and publishing new material. There are still details to be hammered down, but for now it is codenamed “The 100 Book Launch” and it will involve some type of booze.

If you are at AWP, just show up to the Kaya Press table and find out what it’s all about.

Speaking of Kaya, they have put together a panel that I’ll be taking part in, along with Lisa Pearson (Siglio Press), Luis J. Rodriguez (Tía Chucha), and Teresa Carmody (Les Figues), called Outlaw Aesthetics and Publishing the Sprawl: How LA Indie Presses are Changing the Face of Publishing. It will be moderated by Neelanjana Banerjee, the Managing Editor of Kaya Press. (I will also be a part of the 25th Anniversary Tía Chucha event.)

Now all we have to figure out is where to find money to book our flights to Seattle…

2nd Annual Grand Park BookFest


The budget and schedule are almost finalized. We are still trying to figure out if we could incorporate this one specific alternate reality activity into it.

But other than that, we’re ready to start putting it together!

This year, with more and a bit of a budget, we are thinking with a little more ambition. Not necessarily bigger, but more cohesive, focused, and with purpose.

We’ll release the schedule once it is finalized, but for now:

Save this date on your calendar—Sunday 3/30, from around 11am until 5pm. There will be readings put together by Cecil Castellucci (YA!) and Naomi Hirahara (PULP!), experimental music and literature collaborations, bookmaking, Poesia Para La Gente, indie press books for sale, and MORE!

We are proud to be part of creating and developing this new book festival in downtown Los Angeles. I am confident it will become the best book festival in this city.


Featured image by Flickr user pleeker.

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