Most Beautiful Places in Indonesia


Think of Indonesia- Think of Bali. But do not forget the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta has a great deal to offer. Jakarta has its uniqueness and you should plan a Jakarta touring visit. Enjoy the beautiful places and romantic night stay in Jakarta hotels. Indeed, you can enjoy your vacation with your family in Indonesia. Here, we are making a list of the most beautiful places in Indonesia.

Merdeka Square

This is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Jakarta, Indonesia. If you have seen Tiananmen Square in Beijing and searching for a similar place, then Merdeka Square is multiple times better than that place. It is canvassed in green zones, long narrow ways, and some stunning flows of water. You have to roam the place and feel the beauty of nature. It is the ideal place to visit with your beloved, your family or travel amigos following a tiring day of touring around the city.

Thousand Island

Are you searching for a break from Jakarta’s quick life? Then the Thousand Islands are most appropriate for you. Situated on the north bank of the city, these islands will offer you a chance to feel nearer to nature. Even though, one of the separated places in Jakarta, here you will observe various astonishing retreats, cafés and brilliant seashores with a stunning perspective. These islands will allow you to plunge in the Indonesian daylight and relax for some time. It is among the best places in Indonesia for nature darlings, explorers, and photographers.

National Gallery

It is probably the best place to feature Indonesian ability in art and architecture. The gallery has 1700 distinct types of arts and craftsmanship made by the well known Indonesian craftsmen, for example, Vasuki Abdullah, Affandi, Redan Saleh and perhaps the best place to visit in Jakarta for artists. If you have never heard about these names, one visit to this craftsmanship exhibition will give you a brief look at their stunning work and commitment towards various types of workmanship. There are a few works of art from the universally prestigious specialists from over the globe, for example, Victor Vasarely and Hans Harting. If you are an artist, you will discover this exhibition engaging and worth the time.

Komodo National Park, Komodo Island

The dragon is up to 3 meters (10 feet) long and weighing as much as 70 kilos, these huge reptiles handle their prey with their sharp hooks and toxic salivation – and they meander uninhibitedly on Indonesia’s Komodo Island! Try not to stress, however – experienced visit guides feed the monsters each morning so they do not go after the island’s guests.

Tanah Lot, Bali

The beautiful Tanah Lot sanctuary is not just a terrific place to visit in Indonesia yet exploring this place is a top activity in Bali too. One of Bali’s seven oceanside Hindu sanctuaries, Tanah Lot is conceivably the most notable. You can explore Tanah Lot by walking during low tide; in any case, non-Balinese guests cannot enter the sanctuary.

Bukit Lawang, North Sumatra

This is probably the best place to visit in Indonesia. Bukit Lawang is an enchanting, rural landscape settled somewhere down in the Northern Sumatran wildernesses. This is an incredible place to interact with natural beauties. Famous among eco-tourists and hikers, Bukit Lawang is perfect for relaxing and a tad of wilderness for exploring the place. Keep your eyes peeled for Thomas leaf monkeys, baboons and wild Sumatran tigers.

Jakarta Chinatown

If you are searching for the places to visit in Jakarta around evening time, this is the perfect place for you. Also called Glodak among local people, this zone is known as the Chinatown of Jakarta. Book your Jakarta hotel nearer and reach that place quickly in the evening. The Chinese workers have set up their foundations since they arrived at Jakarta in the seventeenth century. The number of inhabitants in these migrants is a significant part of the city’s history. The stunning customary Chinese design, markets, sanctuaries, and astonishing dishes make it probably the best place to visit in Jakarta. It happens to be among the most loved places of all shopaholics visiting this city.


As you know, there are many more places to visit in Indonesia than just seashores and beautiful natural landscapes. Regardless of whether you are searching for nature or development, you find everything in Indonesia that suits your preferences. Therefore, you must visit Indonesia and relax in the lap of nature while enjoying those nights in Jakarta hotels.

Photo: unsplash-logoBaehaki Hariri

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