And It Begins: #90X90LA Kicks Off

On Wednesday, 7/5, we kicked off #90X90LA, our summer festival, our summer gathering, our summer commune at our home base, Cielo galleries/studios.

It was a perfect, loving, mellow way to step into #90X90LA. We wanted to ease into the days and acclimate us all to the amazing space that is Cielo (operated by one of the best humans in LA, Skira Martinez).

Check out some of the photos. And join us for night #2 in Little Tokyo as the great Tuesday Night Project presents a special #90X90LA edition of Tuesday Night Cafe…on a Thursday.

IMG_8365 IMG_8367 IMG_8368IMG_8366 IMG_8370 IMG_8377 IMG_8369 IMG_8379 IMG_6722

Photo by Jack Maruyama.
Photo by Jack Maruyama


Photo by Jack Maruyama.


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