Benefits of ATVs You Didn’t Know

All-terrain vehicles or ATVs are used for off-road driving, mostly for recreational purposes. The regulations on the allowed age for riding an ATV vary from state to state. Some states allow kids at least ten years old to ride one under an adult’s supervision. However, other states allow only those 16 years old and above to use an ATV. Check with your state about their regulation on this matter.

The top reason owners get an ATV is to use it for fun. It\’s nice to drive around rough terrains with a powerful vehicle without the huge size of other off-road vehicles. But there are other benefits that you can get from an ATV, and it might be the first time you\’ll learn about some of them.

It’s a stress reliever

Riding an ATV makes you feel closer to nature, which is known to relieve stress. Moreover, the adrenaline rush you get when driving at high speed can also make you feel free from all worries. But of course, safety should always come first. So wear protective equipment and drive at a speed you can control. Speaking of speed, if you might be wondering, how fast can an ATV go? The top speed in the market is 80mph. However, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, the fastest speed is 196 mph by Yamaha 700 Raptor. Moreover, some turned it into sports and have ATV competitions, which you may join if you’re a competitive enthusiast.

It serves as a bonding time for the family

If the kids are old enough to ride the ATV, teaching them how to drive can be a fun family bonding activity. But, again, check with your state to determine the regulations regarding the use of ATVs. If your kids are not old enough to drive, they could always cheer for you.

It’s a form of exercise

Driving an ATV is not the same as riding a regular car. You will not just be sitting and maneuvering in the direction you want to go. Lifting and stretching will be involved when riding one, which strengthens your muscles over time. It\’s why some consider it a form of exercise. Another health benefit is taking in more oxygen than normal, which helps with proper blood circulation. It ensures that all body parts receive the right amount of oxygen to function properly.

It lets you explore more

ATVs are built for rough terrains, which are difficult to explore with regular vehicles. These rough roads may lead you to off-the-beaten-path or unexplored territories. You will feel accomplished discovering them and exhilarated admiring their untouched beauties.

It’s functional

While ATVs are often used for recreational driving during summer, they are helpful during winter as you can use them to clear snow. You may also use them for lawn mowing, and other yard works. But of course, you need the proper attachment to do the job, like a shovel attachment for clearing snow.

Now you know that there are other uses for ATVs other than your usual recreational drive, don\’t forget to gear up with your safety equipment on every ride.

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