Benefits of Including Poetry in School Programs

Poetry is a form of creative writing that many people use to express themselves. When we include poetry in schools it can enhance literacy skills, encourage creativity, and improve emotional expression among students. The importance of poetry in school programs should never be underestimated.

Why teach poetry?

Reading and writing poetry helps students to develop important language and literacy skills. It is an accessible form of expression for many students, even those who battle to write prose. Exposing them to various forms of poetry inspires their creativity and imagination. Students can experiment when writing poetry. They can develop a deeper appreciation for different forms of expression. Poetry helps them with learning how to express their emotions in a constructive manner.

When incorporating poetry into school programs, students may need additional support. Teachers need to assess them on whether they understand poems. This may involve writing assignments about them. In an analytical essay, students in higher education may have to argue a specific thesis about the poem. They will have to analyze specific elements of the poem and how they relate to each other to support their thesis. Fortunately, there are online resources they can use to help them. If they ask do my assignment for me EduBirdie is an online writing service that gives them access to professional writers. These writers can craft quality essays. This can be especially beneficial for students who find analyzing poems difficult.

Students who receive online help have access to great essay examples written by expert writers. These examples help them to grasp more about essay structure, quoting sources, etc. This will help them to improve their writing skills. Other online resources are also available that help them figure out the deeper meanings of poems. When they receive the help they need, it is easier for them to appreciate poetry and grow to love it.

Why is poetry important for students?

Engaging with poetry helps students to develop their reading and writing skills. It can enhance their written and spoken vocabulary. One purpose of poetry studies for students is to create more awareness of how to apply language. This includes the use of aspects like rhythm to help create meaning.

  • Writing poetry gives them a new means of expression.
  • They learn how to use metaphors and similes.
  • It offers them a new way to look at their lives and personal experiences.
  • They can develop more understanding of other cultures and their perspectives.
  • They can explore their emotions.

Sharing their thoughts in the form of poetry gives them a constructive way to do this. This helps them to develop more emotional intelligence.

Using a GPT essay helper can give students the help they need to write essays so they can focus on the beauty of poems and understand them. In times dominated by AI, human writers are still the best but taking some help from a GPT tool is also a good idea.

woman reading to children
woman reading to children

Poetry for school students as part of the curriculum

Schools that incorporate poetry in school programs often find that students will engage more and this can lead to better academic outcomes. Teaching poetry can be challenging. Here are some tips on how teachers can integrate it into school programs.

Using poetry can liven up the process of language learning. For example, if teachers want to teach students parts of speech, they can find many books online that use poetry to teach parts of speech. They usually incorporate humor to create more engagement.

Teachers could introduce a specific period on a certain day to read and discuss poems. Students could keep poetry journals where they write down what they feel when hearing a poem. They could write down their favorite lines in a poem and what they like about them.

Students may find the idea of having to write a poem challenging. Teachers could get these students to piece together lines from sources like magazines or newspapers to create poems.   

Teachers can introduce poems into many other lessons besides English. For example, they could introduce poems by famous war poets into a history lesson. This would help students to connect emotionally with the material.

An interesting way to approach poetry is by exploring the relationship between colors and feelings. Students could analyze a poem by attaching a specific color to certain verses and then explain the reasons for using them.

Teachers can introduce students to poems from a variety of different cultures. This can reflect the diversity of students in a school. Students learn to see things from different perspectives.


Using poetry in the curriculum can have many benefits for students. It can help them to become more creative, confident, and imaginative, and learn to express their emotions in a unique way. They will start to understand more about the power of language and how to use it. It also helps in building more emotional intelligence and understanding of others.


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