Best Poker Movies

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When putting this piece together, we have to admit, our own poker brain started to tingle, and we thought about the best poker movies that we’ve ever seen. You can check them out below:

Ones to Watch

1. Rounders

When all is said and done, in a poker tournament, there can only be one winner. It’s one of the main attractions of playing poker in the first place, for you not only beat the person across the table at poker, but you also win the mental battle and everything else that goes with it. This is essentially what the movie Rounders is all about, for you witness a young poker player in the form of Mike McDermott strive to become the absolute best in the game.

You get to join him on his journey and experience all of the insecurities and emotions that come with striving to be the very best in anything. It’s definitely one of those movies that just emotionally binds you with the main actor, which in this film is Matt Damon, and we can’t think of any other movie that tops Rounders for a poker-themed film.

2. Smart Money

Besides having the catchiest title out of the movies on this list, Smart Money is an absolute blockbuster of a poker film. You’ve got to wind the clock back a bit for this one, as Smart Money first hit the scene in 1931! As you can imagine, you won’t find any special features for a movie so old, but we are listing it here because of how awesome the plot is.

You get to follow a guy who thinks he knows a thing or two about playing poker. In fact, he’s the best in town, yet he loses heavily to a circle of people who have rigged the poker playing game. The main actor ultimately takes revenge however when he goes on to make a fortune, and he succeeds in keeping poker fair for everyone.

3. Cincinnati Kid

This one is really cool as it follows a story of a young guy who wants to be recognized as the best, rather than just a great player. This is true of everything in life, which is why the movie is so great. It shows someone who is desperate to transition from being viewed as just a boy, as he wants to ultimately become the king of poker and show the world his talents.

This movie isn’t just a nice storyline, it’s also quite inspirational – definitely worth a watch!

Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash

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