Best Positioning Guide For Radiators

Keeping your home warm is crucial, especially when winter rolls around. There are lots of ways you can keep your house toasty, but one of the best and most efficient ways is by using radiators. However, getting your radiators into the best position can be tricky, especially if you’re short on space. Alternatively, you might have too much space and have no idea where to place it. If so, keep reading for our guide on the best positions for your radiators.

Radiators Under Windows

Years ago, windows were made from single sheets of glass, making them terrible at insulating a room. They’d also let in the cold, making it hard to keep your house warm. This is why all radiators used to be placed underneath the windows as a way to try and combat the cold that was coming in. You may think that this sentiment still exists in newer-built houses. But now most windows are now double-glazed, making them way better at keeping the heat in. Sometimes your pipework may still be underneath the window so your current radiator may still be in that position, however, it’s not actually necessary. Windows are no longer detrimental to the heating of your home, so your radiator can be moved away from them if you’d prefer.

Be Careful Of Obstructions

When it comes to placing a radiator, you need to make sure that it’s not obstructed by anything in order for it to be the most effective. You might think that popping it behind your sofa will be a great way to keep warm, but in actual fact, the heat will be completely absorbed by the radiator and not go any further. This means the rest of your room will be stone cold as the heat will become trapped. So, when deciding where to place your radiators, make sure they have a clear space around them so that the heat can travel around the entire room.

Mind The Curtains

Long, billowing curtains can be a great accent point in the design of a room, but they can pose a problem for radiators. Although they may seem thin, curtains can prove to be an obstruction for the heat and prevent the warmth from circulating. Particularly heavy curtains can really absorb the heat and prevent you from feeling the benefits of the radiator. If the curtains are relatively lightweight, they could potentially get burnt if they’re left on top of the radiator for too long. So, if you’re sticking with keeping your radiator by the window, make sure you keep the curtains away.

Doors And Hallways

In smaller rooms, the radiators may have been fitted behind a door. Although you might think this would cause a massive obstruction, it can actually be quite alright. However, you do need to be mindful of the temperature behind the door if it leads to an extremely cold room, then that could come in through gaps and negate the heating of the radiator. But in general, having a radiator behind a door shouldn’t pose too much of a problem.

Pipe Positions

The position of your radiator can be dictated by the location of your pipes. Generally, they’re found under windows as this is where the radiator would have been placed originally. The pipework can be moved, but it can sometimes be quite a costly expense. However, just because it’s quite expensive to move, doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. Moving the pipework can allow you to place your radiator anywhere you like and free up more space. It might be beneficial as well if you think the radiator would be more efficient if moved elsewhere, so don’t be put off by the cost.

Keep Away From Corners

You might think that popping your radiator out of the way in a corner will help keep the room feeling spacious. But this location can really hinder the heating ability of your radiator. Hiding them away in corners can prevent the heat from circulating throughout the room. It’s best to keep your radiators out in the open so that they are restricted by anything, and you’ll definitely find that it makes a difference.

The position of your radiators can actually be crucial to their efficiency, so it’s important that you take it into consideration when placing them. You also don’t have to feel trapped with the location of your radiators either. Changing the pipework is an option and it allows you to have free choice of their new position. Once you’ve found the perfect radiator position in your room, you’ll be able to feel the benefits and enjoy your lovely warm home.

Photo by he gong on Unsplash

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