Best Reasons to Visit Ireland

Ireland is the second-largest island in the British Isles and is one of the most picturesque places in the world. With a mild and changeable climate and wealth of historical nature spots spanning the vastness of the island, it’s no wonder Ireland is so popular with tourists all over the world.

History and Heritage of Ireland

Ireland is a country full of rich and exciting history. It has been occupied by humans since the Mesolithic Period 30,000 years ago and despite its neighbouring countries repeatedly attempting to conquer it over the last thousand years, it now governs as its own free state and republic.

Ireland itself is partitioned into two countries – Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, with the former being part of the established United Kingdom. Despite the split, the heritage of Ireland is similar on both fronts, with many traditions being respected throughout the entire country.


Sport is a significant part of Irish heritage and there are quite a few activities that are native to the country. These include the likes of camogie, hurling, and Gaelic football. The latter in particular is a top sport seen around the entire country, and watching one of these football games is a popular activity for sports fans and tourists alike.

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The teams in Gaelic football are named for and based in different locations in Ireland, with the Dublin County Football Team currently hailed as being one of the most successful football teams in Ireland. Discovering the odds of teams winning the entire division through online betting, major brands cover the sport which demonstrates the strong following some of these teams have. Betting on Dublin County, for instance, is a favourite aspect of some fans who watch Gaelic football. It amps up the experience of the game and allows fans to think over the strategy of the players and which team members are performing well to help their teams succeed.

Food and Drink

Food and drink are also a large part of Irish heritage, and many people consume traditional snacks when at football games or entertainment venues. Ireland features a bustling city nightlife scene that has many eateries offering the most homely and comforting cuisine, as well as classic Irish drinks.

Some of Ireland’s top traditional dishes include:

• Irish Stew – a stew made up of succulent lamb and juicy vegetables
• Boxty – a potato pancake usually accompanied by greens
• Soda Bread – a yeastless bread with a delicious biscuit-like taste

Like most places, Ireland has lots of restaurants and bars that offer some of the tastiest European and best Irish cuisine seen around the British Isles. Some of the most highly-ranked restaurants include Bastion in Cork, PILGRIM’S Restaurant in Rosscarbery, and Aimsir Restaurant in Celbridge, all catering for a range of different clientele with various food and drink available.

Top Visiting Spots

Ireland has plenty of unique and fun places to visit across the country. These include a breadth of natural historical attractions, as well as more modern city escapes and shopping spots.

Some of the best places to visit in Ireland include:

• Cliffs of Moher, County Clare
• Titanic Museum, Belfast
• The Aran Islands, Galaway Bay
• The English Market, Cork
• Adare Village, County Limerick
• Kilmainham Gaol, Dublin City
• Galway City, Galway
• Blarney Castle, Cork
• Rock of Cashel, County Tipperary
• Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, County Antrim

There are many incredible places in the world. But the beauty spots and attractions available to visit in Ireland make the country one of the most appealing to visit in Europe.

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