The Best Ways to Support Your Feet

When you live a busy lifestyle full of work, school, and family time, you can often find your feet hurting at the end of the day. Over-the-counter medications, heating pads, and ice packs are all good ways to relieve the pain. However, the best way to take the soreness away? Prevent it from happening in the first place.

The right support for your feet will minimize the aches. It will leave you a lot happier after a hectic day. So, without further ado, here are the best ways to support your feet:

Invest in Supportive Socks

While all the attention may be on shoes with good arch support, socks can make all the difference as well. We’re not just talking any socks either – the best supportive socks are compression socks.

You can find compression socks at Comradsocks. Compression socks are designed to reduce cramping in your legs and feet and even improve your athletic performance.

Special compression socks also can help the stability of your muscles and reduce swelling common to feet. The pains and pressures that injuries bring also can be alleviated with this kind of sock, and you’ll be helping yourself heal faster and less painfully.

Get the Right Shoes and Make Sure They Fit

The best shoes for your feet are the ones with good arch support and the proper fit.

Make sure your shoes elevate your heel at least one-fourth of an inch and less than 2 inches. The heel height will determine the difference in your soreness at the end of the day. If you love shoes that don’t have great support, purchase an insole that will provide it for you.

If you’ve got a great shoe that somehow isn’t working for you, make sure you’ve got the right size. A common issue is buying a shoe too small and cutting off the circulation to your feet. Always check your shoe size before investing in a shoe.

Do Stretches

After standing for long periods, the muscles in your feet and legs become stiff and sore and deter you from walking. Lengthen those tightened muscles by doing stretches like calf raises or the runner’s stretch. Incorporating these exercises in your daily routine will prevent you from an excruciating night of pain.

Adopt an Active Lifestyle

If you’re gaining weight and not exercising regularly, you’re putting extra pressure on your feet that can cause a lot of pain. This extra weight can cause flattened arches or plantar fasciitis, inflammation of the tissues at the bottom of your feet.

Make sure to never smoke and quit smoking if you can. The dangerous chemicals in cigarettes can worsen your heart health, therefore causing painful nerve damage to your feet.

Avoid High Heels at All Costs

High heels are easily the worst shoes for your feet. They don’t provide arch support, are very narrow, and force your feet into an unnatural position. Wearing them on a regular basis can completely change your natural walk or even shorten your calf muscles.

Wearing a high heel every once in a while, though, doesn’t harm your feet much. Wearing them every day, however, can cause a lot of pain and damage in the long run.

Keep Your Feet In Shape

When looking to improve your lifestyle, don’t forget about the value of a shoe with good arch support or compression socks that will help you heal faster. Make sure to stay active and do stretches on a regular basis as these will improve your overall wellbeing and prevent cramping that builds up throughout the day. Investing in the health of your feet can give great benefits, and your feet deserve it.

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