A Big Voice: The Soulful Sounds of Gregory Porter

Gregory Porter is a big man – literally and metaphorically.
As a recipient of a full-ride scholarship to play linebacker for San Diego State University, Porter was on his way to living his football dreams. That all came to a crash with a career-ending shoulder injury in just his first semester at school. A seemingly unfortunate event at the time, but things have a way of working themselves out.
SDSU honored his scholarship and he would eventually go on to find his singing voice – one that’s distinctive and has quickly become BIG in the worlds of jazz and soul.
Porter offered this about his sound: “I firmly consider myself a jazz singer but I enjoy blues, southern soul, and gospel.  Those elements make their way inside my music.  And I’ve always heard them in jazz.”
In The New York Times, critic Nate Chinen wrote this: “Gregory Porter has most of what you want in a male jazz singer, and maybe a thing or two you didn’t know you wanted.”

His debut album, Water, was released in 2010, earning massive praise and a Grammy nomination for Best Jazz Vocal. His sophomore effort came via Be Good, in 2012, which also received a great deal of critical acclaim for both his singing and songwriting.
Liquid Spirit is Gregory Porter’s latest effort, and his first on a major label – the iconic Blue Note Records. It was released on September 17 and nothing has changed for Porter, as it’s been showered with praise from both critics and fans alike.
We’re delighted to offer two videos from Mr. Porter – the first being the title track from Be Good, and the second the title track from the new release.
Be Good (Lion’s Song):

Liquid Spirit:

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