Biggest Winnings in Online Casino History

Online casinos are in a way still new. Even though they started in the late 90s’ they really didn’t get much attention until 2010. Still, they were legal in the UK from the year 2005, and more countries in Europe and all over the world began discussing the issue of online gambling.

Right now countries with high living standards like Australia, Canada, Finland, and Norway, have the highest number of online casino players. Since these are the places where the majority of online gamblers live, it’s only natural that the biggest winnings also happen there. Here we will go over some of the biggest jackpots ever won, in the history of online casinos.

Rawiri Pou from New Zealand

We all love Friday because that’s when our weekend finally starts. For Rawiri this day is so much more than positive vibes, it’s the day when his life became drastically different. On June 16th, 2016, or in this case Friday, this player struck gold playing Mega Moolah. The jackpot was   NZ$10,144,395.82 which was around 7.4 million US dollars at that time. Clearly, he had a hard time believing what happened, and much like anyone he was shocked.

Anonymous Australia

Winners of a jackpot, lottery, or any other high monetary reward, often choose to stay anonymous. In April 2016, while playing Microgaming’s slot game called the Dark Knight an Australian player hit the jackpot.

Given the name and the theme of the slot, I guess everyone around him had to ask or quote the Joker- “Why so serious?” He won AU$10,423,223 or around $7.8 million American dollars. We can only imagine how thankful he must have been to Batman, or to whoever got him into the DC Universe. There are a lot of new casinos in Canada and Australia that all host games from this same developer, and offer neat bonuses. You never know which theme is going to end up being your lucky slot.

Anonymous Woman from Sweden

While playing the game called Hall of Gods, a woman from Sweden hit the jackpot of 7.6 million euros. This all happened in 2012, so the event definitely helped the online casino trend to grow stronger in Sweden. This is a really well-designed game by NetEnt, and it’s not the only time someone managed to hit a jackpot on it. There are lots of other games from this developer available on new online casinos Ireland platforms, and they also have progressive jackpots. So, you can try out a few demos to see if any one of those feels more applying or seems like your lucky title.

When it comes to Hall of Gods, just 3 years later, or in 2015, another anonymous player from Sweden also hit a jackpot playing this slot. This time, the amount was slightly higher as it grew up to 7,820,888 euros. The only difference was that the player was using a different operator to play the game, but they also chose not even to reveal their gender.

Insomniac from Norway

Image by DanFa from Pixabay

Back in 2011, one player from Norway couldn’t sleep on September 24, and he decided to play some online casino games. What happened next, definitely didn’t help him to calm down and catch some Zs, as he struck gold playing Mega Fortune. This was one of the biggest jackpots in online casino history and the amount in question was 11.7 million euros. That night the young man couldn’t get any shut-eye until 6 a.m and only after he managed to calm down did he start to think about what he could do with all of that money.

Jonathon Heywood from the United Kingdom

Jonathon Heywood is a British soldier from Cheshire, and on October 6th, 2015, his life was changed forever.  He was 26 at that time, and he was playing on a 25p slot machine online. He broke the world record for the largest payout in an online casino and the jackpot. The amount he won was 13.2 million British pounds which is roughly $17.2 million dollars. Still, this was not the largest online jackpot win ever, as the record he broke was in the nominal amount category. Nevertheless, it’s very impressive to turn 25p into an amount that can last a few lifetimes.

Anonymous Winner from Finland 

The largest jackpot ever happened in Finland on a game called Mega Fortune. On January 20, 2013, a Finnish man, who was in his 40s at that time, also placed a small bet of 25 cents on the Mega Fortune slot. The symbols aligned and he got the progressive jackpot which was 17,861,800 euros at that time or around 24 million dollars. This record still remains at the top, which just shows how unlikely it is for something like this to happen.


These are all very inspiring stories, and they undoubtedly help casinos gain more legitimacy, and attract new players. However, it’s important to remember that you should always gamble responsibly, and not out of sheer desire to acquire ridiculous wealth. As mentioned, there are millions of players all over the world, constantly playing, so things like this are bound to happen eventually. Most of the time, players are on the losing side, and those who chase wins obsessively often regret those decisions.

Image by Mihai Panait from Pixabay 

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