Bingo Raves: The Unlikely Combination Which Has Become a Global Success

While many trends have come and gone in the world of gaming through the decades, one pastime which has always managed to endure is bingo.

The classic game has had plenty of moments in the spotlight down the years, but it has admittedly been out of fashion at times too. However, it is well and truly thriving at present, thanks to the emergence of some exciting new twists on the old favorite.

Going strong in the 21st century

One key way that bingo has found a place in the 21st century has been through the emergence of online forms of the game.

A number of sites now offer a host of different variations of bingo alongside casino experiences and sports betting options. In fact, the space has become so competitive that many now use promotions as they look to attract new players and get the edge on their opposition. A good example of this can be seen at, as the site offers a host of deals including a welcome bonus and other promotions aimed at existing players such as getting a free spin every day the customer plays bingo.

However, bingo is not just thriving on the internet at the moment, as a new version of the game has been taking the offline world by storm too. So-called bingo raves have become hugely popular in recent years and they may have just helped to generate a new level of excitement around the classic game.

The rise of the bingo rave

For the uninitiated, bingo raves essentially combine the traditional pastime with an almost nightclub-like atmosphere. The trend has particularly found a home in the UK, where companies such as Bongo’s Bingo have grown to have a significant presence.

As explains, their events bring bingo together with elements like dance-offs and rave intervals, with the prizes on offer including everything from karaoke machines to vacuum cleaners. Bongo’s Bingo has taken its events global too, with the concept travelling to far-flung locations including Sydney. Breaking America is now thought to be in its sights, with reporting how it is very much on the brand’s radar.

Saying that, bingo raves have already managed to make their way to North America in some form. Bingo Loco is another brand which has taken its bingo rave events across the world, with the brand’s page on outlining how stops on its tour in 2018 included Chicago, Toronto and New York. According to the video, their events include everything from rave rounds to comedian MCs and party DJs.

A game reborn

All in all, it is pretty remarkable that bingo has managed to remain popular for so long. While you might have thought that such a traditional pastime may suffer in the 21st century, it has been reinvigorated in some intriguing ways.

Bingo raves are a particularly interesting concept and they have gone on to take the world by storm. It will be fascinating to see if the trend continues to grow and whether it ultimately helps to ensure that bingo continues to thrive for many years to come.

Image from Pixabay

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