Bingo Terminology for Dummies

Just like people have their all whole new different love languages to which they respond best, games of chance such as Bingo and Baccarat also have their language. Gamblers speak and move through games using the language spoken in the games. It is no doubt, Bingo and other games of chance are fun and timeless. However, it can be overwhelming for newbies.

What are the basic bingo terminologies that you need to know? These words include the following:

  • Admission Packet
  • Bingo
  • Buy-In

How to Play Bingo

We\’d quickly go through the fundamentals of Bingo to jog your memory or to explain what it\’s about if you\’ve never played before we get to the bingo terminology.

Online Bingo and Bingo can be played in various ways. If you mark off every number on your ticket, you soon win the game.

The quantity of digits on your ticket depends on the game you are playing, such as a 90-ball or 75-ball. Your ticket will have the same numbers as there were being called out during the game.

The Lingo of the Bingo Number

Traditional Bingo rhymes frequently shout out bingo numbers. However, it could be a little confusing for you if you\’re new to online Bingo to hear phrases like \”Two Fat Ladies\” or other more recent bingo slang.

However, Bingo is very social, so don\’t worry if your fellow players use unusual terminology. First, you need to learn what bingo slang means, and you\’ll be able to understand it in no time.

The Terminology

The bingo terms you may use while playing the game are:

  • 1TG – One to go; this means that one box remains in which a player can win.
  • 2TG – Two to go; two boxes remain in which the player can win.
  • 90-Ball Bingo – Played with 3×9 cards, the objective is to mark out one, two, or all rows to win.
  • Admission Packet – The bare minimum required to play the game is one entry packet worth of cards. The entry packet typically contains six to twelve cards for every regular and occasionally a special game. Each bingo hall sets its admission packet prices and contents.
  • After Games – After Games are played after the main bingo games in the event.
  • Any Way – In an Any Way Bingo game, you can win by completing any pattern on their cards.
  • Auto Play – An attribute of online bingo platforms that marks the numbers automatically is termed.
  • Auto dauber – Another term for Auto Play.
  • Basket Bingo – Typically a community fundraising activity in which players compete to win \”baskets\” filled with goodies like gift cards or food.
  • Bingo Alias – A nickname or moniker you can use when playing Bingo online.
  • Bingo Board – In front of the bingo hall is a sizable board that is typically electronic. The previously phoned number is displayed.
  • Blackout – A game where you win by crossing out every digit on that particular card.
  • Work-Up Games – Played video games before a blackout. The caller specifies the type (or types) of Workup game(s) to be played before the blackout game. We will proceed with a full Blackout on the same game sheet when a workup on a particular game has been won.
  • Wrap-Up – The session\’s last game.
  • Sizzler – A session where the four main blackout games are also included in your buy-in packs.

Wrapping Up

With plenty of bingo terms, it\’s time to start memorizing them! Once you\’ve understood the rules and are ready to practice, understanding what\’s going on will no longer be a problem for you.

Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash

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