Bitcoin is the most expensive cryptocurrency! What are the reasons behind it?

Cryptocurrency is the most trending topic nowadays, and bitcoin is the most popular digital currency. There are several reasons behind the increasing popularity of bitcoin, but one of the most prominent reason is its massive market value. You can visit the if you want to get the best bitcoin trading experience over the Internet. Some of the top reasons behind the high price of bitcoins are listed below.

Limited supply

There are several reasons behind the massive market value of bitcoin, but one of the biggest reasons is the limited supply. Supply plays an important role in determining the value of bitcoin. Bitcoin has a massive demand in the market as everyone wants to invest in it, but its supply is limited as only 21 million bitcoins can ever be mined. So, with limited supply and high demand, it is obvious that its price will shoot up. Over 80% of bitcoins have already been mined, so everyone is trying to get their hands on them, which is the primary reason behind bitcoin massive market value.

Lack of trust in traditional currency

Earlier fiat currency was the only medium of exchange, but in the past few years, the public has lost their trust in the government banking system. First of all, fiat currency is highly unstable as its value keeps on changing, which makes people face massive losses. Another major reason behind people not trusting fiat currency is that it is completely controlled by the government. Government authorities can demonetize the currency anytime, and if that happens, the value of your money will become zero. It has happened in a few countries, which is why people don’t trust the banking system anymore.

People have been searching for an alternative for the fiat currency for a long time, and bitcoin has been seen as the perfect option. It is a decentralized cryptocurrency that offers complete control to the users, and you can use it to make transactions without contacting any bank or government authority.

Excellent liquidity

In the initial stage, people were hesitant to invest in bitcoin as it was a young technology, and it was a risky thing to invest in it. But now, investors are confident and are getting attracted to bitcoin due to the excellent liquidity offered by it. Liquidity refers to the ease with which you can convert the investment into fiat currency. Bitcoin is highly liquid as it allows you to convert it into fiat currency anytime in case you change your mind and want to exit the market.

With the increased liquidity, those people are also investing in bitcoins who earlier feared to do it; with more people buying bitcoins, its demand increases which consequently leads to a rise in its price. So, better liquidity is another prominent reason behind the high price of bitcoin.

Acceptance by sellers

More sellers and investors are adopting bitcoins which is another because of its increasing price. Earlier, it was difficult to find a seller accepting bitcoin payment which was the reason people were avoiding investing in it. Now, there are several online as well as offline sellers and stores which are accepting bitcoin payments. You can purchase a wide range of goods and services with bitcoins, such as food, drinks, gift cards, etc. It has increased the interest of investors and enhanced its demand in the market. With high demand, the value of bitcoin also increases, which is why it is has a massive market value. With more big institution investing bitcoins, its value is supposed to rise a lot n the future.

Highly accessible

Bitcoin is a versatile cryptocurrency as it has several uses other than being used as a common medium of exchange. You can use it as an investment and earn massive profits over the long term. It is accessible to everyone as you need not contact or bank to make a transaction. Moreover, you need not have a bank account to buy bitcoins and make transactions as it provides a payment method to unbanked people. If you don’t want to use it as a payment method, you can simply invest in it and leave for a few months or years. As it has become more accessible to the public, its value is increasing at a rapid pace.

Photo by André François McKenzie on Unsplash

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