Blackjack: The Top 10 Books That Every Player Should Have

For those optimistic players who would like to become professionals in blackjack online, the key to success is right knowledge and tips. It’s not just optimal to have the right resources; it is necessary to leverage all that you have against your rivals. Did you know that those who learn the mechanisms of their preferred game have their chances to win raised by 30% on average? Starting with the myths of playing the game for high stakes and ending with the cases that contributed to the development of successful main strategies that changed the plane of the game, the list of the books that any player must have in their library is a real gem. These books are not just pieces of paper that you are going to flip through while gaming; instead they are your pass to knowledge, finesse, and therefore, success. Immerse yourself in these selected titles and see how each of these books can change your perspective on playing gambling games online, turning you into a player to be reckoned with, rather than just a bettor.

1. Blackbelt in Blackjack

Written in 1983, Blackbelt in Blackjack is still recognized as one of the best Blackjack books written. Its author, Arnold Snyder, views blackjack as an enclave of a fighting sport, which makes the book quite interesting, since the author compares the levels of strategy in the martial arts and blackjack. Thus, as 21 chapters of Snyder’s book show, there are numerous tricks which even experienced players will be glad to have in the stock. It gives details on the various tips and techniques that are employed by the elite in a bid to outdo their competition in counting and tracking that is backed by several camouflaging aspects. Snyder’s focus is unwavering: in order to arm the players with the understanding of how to earn real money on the given game. Well, his effort of writing the successful books like “Blackbelt in Blackjack” and “The Big Book of Blackjack” did it for him and he rightly deserves his place in the Blackjack Hall of Fame.

2. Modern Blackjack

Norman Wattenberger As its title may suggest the book ‘Modern Blackjack’ is relatively one of the recent works devoted to the famous banking game. Appearing in 2010, this blackjack book is filled with facts and enlightens players on the numerous regional options in recent blackjack. Also, “Modern Blackjack” lets players know of certain rules of a particular Casino concerning professional playing that they should be aware of. The second volume published by the author later is even more comprehensive where the author focuses on sophisticated strategies that are appropriate for those players who have more experience. About the book, Don Schlesinger said, “What Norm does not tell you is that this colossal work is one of the most significant, exhaustive studies ever undertaken on the game of blackjack and if it were in a type setting, commercial print book format, it would be a certain candidate for an all time classic. ” It should be noted that Wattenberger is arguably one of the most famous gambling analysts of the present day In case if someone is skeptical, Wattenberger has an online book called “How Blackjack Works” that is now available for free as well as the online version of “Modern Blackjack” on his website which has a lot of information on it.

3. Blackjack Attack

Don Schlesinger Often, “Blackjack Attack”, authored by a well-known gaming mathematician, analyst, lecturer, and player is reported as one of the most significant works in the domain of blackjack. Since its emergence to the main blackjack literature in 1997, it has become widely recommended as useful reading for any blackjack player. Don Schlesinger effectively provides the mathematical side of the game, which plays an important role in the strategy line of defense, and answers every question effectively. There is a great merge of card counting tips and insights to how the skill can be concealed. In addition, Schlesinger provides detailed analysis of practical issues of teaming and provides tips on the ways of further increasing the bets. It should be noted that Schlesinger does not perform his research in individual work, and he cooperates with some of the stars of gambling, such as Stanford Wong, Edward Thorp, Peter Griffin, Arnold Snyder, Karel Janeček, John Auston, Katarina Walker, and Norm Wattenberger. Such collective experience contributes to the enhancement of the book making “Blackjack Attack” a valuable tool when it comes to learning blackjack.

4. Beat the Dealer

Called as the father of card counting, Edward Thorp has trained generations of blackjack lovers through his book “Beat the Dealer”. Praised as the best blackjack book ever published, “Beat the Dealer” was first published in 1966 and this Blackjack book contains significant information ideal for a novice on how to play the game and how to win it through various winning strategies and card-counting techniques. In this book, Thorp shares tips that will enable any amateur to defeat the dealer and be on the right side of the victory most of the time. They include but are not limited to how to be a better player out of the book, how to stay away from being kicked out for counting cards or if you are quick enough, how to tell that an opponent is cheating. Filled with all sorts of tables and analyses, “Beat the Dealer” offers the readers a clear vision of the most crucial elements of the odds and strategies and therefore, it deserves to be on the shelf of any intensive blackjack player.

5. Blackjack for Blood

Originally released in 1992 “Blackjack for Blood” is a work of great importance, which specialization was on card counting. From one of the most renowned blackjack players in the game’s history, Bryce Carlson unveils Omega II Card Counting System which would assist the player in counting the game and consequently triumph. Carlson also outlines three essential principles to boost a player’s chances of winning: being able to gamble properly, knowing the hands to play and when to do so, and being able to talk to and deal with the staff of the casino. Besides, he focuses on the need for one to cult superior self control to reign emotions and stress while playing games. Thus, “Blackjack for Blood” provides the players with the ability to hone their skills and keep their cool even in the hottest of circumstances.

6. Professional Blackjack

The title of the book clearly states; “Professional Blackjack ”, what more information do you need to know that this is a guide on how to play the game at the highest level? Published in 1980, this book is based on John Ferguson or better known as Stanford Wong, 16 years knowledge of blackjack. It means that Wong’s pseudonym is equivalent to an indestructible misty technique named by the same term wonging that implies waiting for the appropriate time to put a bet and then playing in the count up. This sometimes forced the player to sit at a particular table when the game was already ongoing, a technique known today as ‘backdoor prompting’, which is found in some casinos. This and many other eighth degree tricks can be learned in “Professional Blackjack,” to increase the players’ competencies. Aside from writing, Wong is best known for developing what is considered to be the first blackjack odds analyzing software of the commercial kind and for establishing his independent press, Pi Yee Press, that specializes in gaming literature.

7. The World’s Greatest Blackjack Book

Despite the rather grandiose title of this book, one can hardly question that its author is not only among the most enthusiastic promoters of blackjack, but is one of its most serious students as well. Humble is a player who was able to get to the level of success through blackjack and kept on playing the game even after publishing his book on it. He points to Thorp’s “Beat the Dealers,” saying it was influential in his work. The earlier book on Blackjack that can be also highly recommended is “The World’s Greatest Blackjack Book” co-authored by Kenneth Cooper who is another fastidious blackjack investigator. The two authors in their book offer all the clued-up information a player needs to know concerning the probability of winning, when to increase his stakes and when to go slow. This book was first written in 1987, but later the author released newer editions containing extra information like regional differences in the blackjack game. It was not a surprise that the American Library Association selected “The World’s Greatest Blackjack Book” as the game to feature in their libraries.

8. Big Book of Blackjack

For any gambler out there, especially the professional one, Arnold Snyder should not be new to him/her. He has been awarded as one out of the seven the initial inductees into Barona Casino’s Blackjack Hall of Fame and is ranked among the best blackjack practitioners in history. Big Book of Blackjack by Snyder, which was released in 2006, reflects the author’s vast experience in the context of the given game. They teach the laying of basic tactics to newbies, then they go ahead and explain complicated staking systems to the readers. In total Blackjack: The Secret to Success ? has 27 chapters; the chapters are full of information pertinent to real blackjack players that want to increase chances of winning and start earning money at blackjack.

9. Play Blackjack Like the Pros

Kevin Blackwood is the book’s author, and he is a professional blackjack player as well as a card counter. He published three books on gaming , and this among all his books is considered one of the best “Play Blackjack Like the Pros”. This book was published in 2005 and serves to have Blackwood’s tips for the average player. In the work the authors describe all about blackjack that every enthusiast needs to know ranging from the game to the environment. Blackwood also talks about high and low stake casinos, tournaments and playing via the Internet. Thus, “Play Blackjack Like the Pros” is quite appropriate for novices with descriptions of the card-counting methods and the techniques that players can employ to hide it.

10. The Theory of Blackjack: The Compleat Card Counter’s Guide to the Casino Game of 21

There is more to blackjack than meets the eye and Griffin being a mathematician, he understood this well. In the year 1970, Griffin got adventurous and being a curious man he traveled to Nevada to go for the game. His trip encouraged him to get more information concerning the topic and understand blackjack to the deepest level. In the course of conducting his studies, Griffin released several works among which was the comparison of the patterns of blackjack players in Atlantic City and Las Vegas/Reno. He was also one of the first to isolate the average player’s two-percent handicap. The book ”The Theory of Blackjack” penned down in 1988 offers a view into the mathematics of the game and transformations in counting techniques.


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