Blessing in Fire

Blessing in Fire

– a Villanelle for Public Education

Dry earth, sparse rain, so many small sparks set to ignite
Too long thirsty, disregarded, conditions growing dire
There’s blessing in fire, what it flames to light.

Reserves hoarded for rainy day, refusing youth what is right
Damming public resources, brittle sticks huddle and conspire
Dry earth, little rain, we were a city of sparks set to ignite

For ages we’ve labored in classrooms crowded too tight
Underfunding kept snuffing young minds we strive to inspire
There’s blessing in fire, what it flames to light

In the fierce promise of this city’s future we unite
We’ve been here for years, our spirits don’t tire
Dry earth, hint of rain, small sparks rage and ignite

You see: these seeds needed heat to blaze bright
In burning the phoenix soars ever higher
There’s blessing in fire, how its flames cast light

Now we make ash of excuses, fight for all our students require
There is no match for thousands red hot, blazing in strike
This dry earth, flooded by rain, and still: our ready sparks flare and ignite
There’s blessing in fire, the change it forces to light.


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