Blushing Brides: 8 Ways to Feel Confident on Your Wedding Day

If you’ve dreamed of your wedding day your entire life, you probably have certain expectations and you want everything to go perfectly according to plan. But hiccups and snafus can–and will!–happen. So what can you do to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible? From hiring professionals to simply remembering to breathe, here are eight ways to feel confident on your big day so you can enjoy the moments without worry and focus on marrying the one you love.

1. Enjoy Your Gown–You Only Wear It Once!

Feel comfortable and confident in your wedding gown. In fact, you should feel confident in your gown from day one. Don’t buy a gown that’s uncomfortable right off the rack, hoping to work out and squeeze into it later. Remember: You can always have it tailored tighter.

This goes for other apparel and accessories, too! Feel confident and flatter your figure with shapewear and a supportive bridal bra. And, sure, those heels look amazing, but are they practical in the grass for your outdoor wedding?

2. Hire Professionals

From wedding photographers to caterers, it’s important to have confidence that they have a steady hand and complete control when it comes to your big day. Hire professional photographers who understand the style and aesthetic you’re going for. Book a caterer who specializes in weddings, not just a restaurant or cafe which does it on the side.

Always be sure to check references and meet with them in person if you can. While their website’s photos look stunning, their demeanor and work ethic can say otherwise. It’s important you feel comfortable having a photographer shadow you for the entire day. And it’s especially important the caterer delivers warm food to your guests.

3. Get Your Glow On

To feel confident on your wedding day, yo u’re going to want to look your best. So, it’s important to establish some healthier habits right from the start–like working out, eating healthy and being gentle with your skin and complexion. This way, on the big day, you’ll practically glow!

Drink plenty of water and get plenty of rest, especially as your wedding day approaches. This is the most critical time, but also the trickiest. As you tick off the remaining tasks and combat nerves, a good night’s sleep may be challenging. So, be sure to create a bedtime ritual that will put you into a deep sleep.

Take care of your complexion with a skincare regimen and be sure to get manicures and pedicures. They’re also a nice way to pamper your hard-working bridesmaids and maid of honor.

4. Stay Organized

Hiring a wedding planner will alleviate lots of stress on the big day. However, many brides love to plan weddings themselves. Either way, make sure to stay on top of the checklists, schedules and timeline.

Keep a planner binder with details. This way, you can hand it off to someone should you need extra help. Label vendors and make a note of the requirements, contact details and emergency numbers. Put dates in the calendar and set a reminder on your phone.

Also create a day-of timeline, blocking out time for your hair appointment, getting dressed (it’ll take longer than you realize) and other daily events. Be sure not to pack them in too tight and leave some buffer room! Directions say it takes 20 minutes to get to your stylist, but if morning traffic is bad and you’re late, it could have a cascading effect on the remainder of your wedding day.

Give copies of the timeline to the wedding party, designating remaining tasks to lift the weight off your shoulders.

5. Shoot Engagement Photos

Having an engagement shoot not only offers some sweet photos for a save-the-date and wedding invitations, but can also prepare you to be in the spotlight.

Many brides get nervous walking down the aisle with generations of family members staring. But when you have an engagement shoot, you’re able to break the ice and feel comfortable with your photographer, while also learning a thing or two about posing for photos so you’re not too camera shy on the big day.

6. Schedule a Makeup and Hair Trial

Hair and makeup can be as important as the dress itself, so it’s important to schedule a hair and makeup trial with your stylist to go over the look you want. Bringing in a photo the day of–expecting your stylist to do it perfectly–is a big ask. Don’t waste time on your wedding day trying different styles.

7. Create a Positive Circle

On your wedding day, surround yourself with the people who will help you stay positive and remain calm. Distance yourself from family members and individuals who may cause stress or anxiety. This is the last thing you need!

Parents can often be the source of anxiety, so designate a bridesmaid or two to act as a bodyguard-like buffer. While you love your mom and want her there for support, some brides find it helps to distract them.

Keeping a positive vibe around you on your big day, and especially before you walk down the aisle, will tamper many of the heightened emotions.

8. Look Breathless But Remember to Breathe

Whether it’s a private first-look moment or the second you set foot on the aisle, every bride wants to look absolutely stunning and breathless. But not literally.

Throughout the day, remember to breathe. It will not only reduce any wedding day jitters but will make you feel content and happy. As the stylist works on your hair, even close your eyes and meditate. Say a prayer with your bridesmaids if it helps.

On your wedding day, remember to let go of the little missteps beyond your control. There’s a good chance your wedding day will not go as perfectly as you’ve always imagined. Weather, for instance, cannot be predicted. However, what you can control is how you react to the unexpected. Remember what the day is about and stay confident.

Photo by Álvaro CvG on Unsplash

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