Bob Goldstein and the Winding Road

Bob Goldstein’s long and winding road began in Chicago where he was born and raised. His earliest interests were in music and performing. He wrote his first song when he was fifteen and throughout his high school years, he played in folk groups and performed in musical stage productions. He put music on hold during college, first at Indiana University, then at USC, where he got a business degree but spent most of his time taking classes in the film school. In his senior year, music again became his focus, and while it has stayed his focus since then, his career has expanded to marketing, business and digital media.

What exactly does Bob Goldstein do? When we asked him, he said, “Like many of you, I’ve had myriad careers, none of them individually defining me, but all of them shining a light on my life’s journey. I recently had a conversation with writer Hoyt Hilsman that focused on my musical career and we touched on some topics including: creativity, inspiration, songwriting technique and the business of music. We also talked about how skills in one area can lead to opportunities in other, seemingly unrelated fields. In my case I went from a performing songwriter to screenwriter, business book author to digital media technology CEO.”

So we found those interviews, enjoyed them and learned a lot. We think you will, too.

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