Body Painting Fine Art Competition Comes to LA

Although body painting has been an accepted practice in diverse cultures over thousands of years, recently it has emerged as a new category of expression for an international group of artists. On Saturday evening May 16, more than thirty body paint artists, photographers and judges from around the world participated in Southern California’s first body painting and photography competition at The Springs, in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District.

Craig Tracy, owner of the world’s first art gallery dedicated to fine art body painted images in New Orleans said, “The Body Fine Art Competition raises awareness for an emerging and fast growing art form – the second oldest visual art in the world next to drawing in the dirt.” He is also judge/co-producer of GSNTV’s show, “Skin Wars, a body painting reality competition show.

Body painting has become a popular art form in Europe where a festival organized by the World Body Painting Association held every year inn Austria.

The following photographs were taken at The Springs on the night of May 16, 2015. The artists are identified; the models are not.

1  Dewayne Flowers    :curiousjosh_bodyfineart-004-7B7A2574 2

1. Dewayne Flowers   

2  Cheryl Ann Lipstreu  :   curiousjosh_bodyfineart-007-7B7A2676 2

2. Cheryl Ann Lipstreu

3  Avi Ram    : curiousjosh_bodyfineart-003-7B7A2081

3. Avi Ram

4  Cheryl Ann Lipstreu            :curiousjosh_bodyfineart-002-7B7A2794

4. Cheryl Ann Lipstreu

5  Luciano Paesani                              : curiousjosh_bodyfineart-001-7B7A2763

5. Luciano Paesani

6  Dewayne Flowers             : curiousjosh_bodyfineart-010-7B7A2433

6. Dewayne Flowers

7.  Lana Chromium   : curiousjosh_bodyfineart-006-7B7A2072

7. Lana Chromium

8  David Gilmore          :curiousjosh_bodyfineart-005-7B7A2016

8. David Gilmore

9  Dewayne Flowers         :curiousjosh_bodyfineart-009-7B7A2725

9. Dewayne Flowers

10           Margaret Mauthe               : curiousjosh_bodyfineart-008-7B7A2115

10. Margret Mauthe

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