Breathing in the Whirlwind

Right now, I am sitting in the passenger seat of our rented Silverado, my brother driving us to Yellowstone for the next phase of our family trip. We have been at the Grand Teton National Park for three and a half days.

It is beautiful here beyond explanation. I even got to see buffaloes, which has been a dream of mine since I first learned the words bison and buffalo in 5th grade, my first year in the US.
But part of me, of course, hasn’t been able to let go of the stress. In the last two years as we were planning two huge events, one personal and one business related, I didn’t foresee that the two events would collide in one crazy month, possibly the craziest month of my life:
Our family trip to Teton/Yellowstone and the release of Antidote, our eagerly awaited collaboration with José Luís Peixoto.
We return home on June 15th, the author arrives in LA from Portugal on the 17th, a cocktail dinner party for him on the 18th, then the book release on the 20th.


Thank god our partner Peter is back in LA holding it all down and doing alley heavy PR work on his own while we’re gone. I can’t imagine pulling this off without him. We’d have had to cancel at least one of these things for sure.
In fact, originally, this trip we scheduled and José’s travel schedule fell on the exact same week! Fortunately, he was gracious enough to change his dates.
Anyway, there’s really not much more to say about José at this point, other than to remind you that he truly is one of the more celebrated writers in the world and that his writing takes me to another world each time I read it.
So we all hope that you’ll join us at the book release. We hope that it will be a packed house.
I am finishing this piece at a spot overlooking the waterfall and the canyon. There is even an osprey nest at one of the peaks. We can see the baby osprey in it moving its head around.

Screen shot 2013-06-12 at 4.09.31 AM

Both loving and hating this crazy impossible month. But this is the life we’ve chosen all piling up in a whirlwind few days.

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