Brian Komei Dempster: Three Poems

Son Sutra

Boy of stars, sun inside, fallen without a sob,

Rest against me, bending sunflower, still the flutter,

Ease your head, son, it’s late,

No way to before, your skull shadowed and sunlit, turn,

Deepen us with your shadow words, muted son, say dad

After me, your scattered sun petals, our sutra

Nightfall, I gather you, my bruised son.


At the Park

an invisible rope pulls

back his head

and a hand rips
the blue sheet of sky.

At the edge of his
world, I make out

his torn voice:

Papa, my eyes


the rest of me



Shephard Psalm

Prepare for enemies:

Warm your feet

from dirt’s grave-cold, uncover your voice,

the words flying out like leaves


into gusts of their rage.


Dissolve the fist’s stain on your face


and the rope


around your wrists.

Lie down


in the beaten dark,


near pastures green and



the salt raining down

your blood,



dusk’s ragged edge


to smooth plains of

terracotta slate,


your gold-straw hair


igniting the wick

of pink dawn.


You shall not want.


Front cover of SEIZE by Brian Komei Dempster
Front cover of SEIZE by Brian Komei Dempster

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