Bura-Bari Nwilo: “This Is How I Have Imagined You”

This Is How I Have Imagined You


My love, that you would have long flowing hair

with which I can climb out of this crude soaked hole

and see daylight like never before.

That you would have small but narrow nose

and when the flairs suck up my large nostrils,

I would build a hope in yours.

I have imagined you, good one, to sparkle

and the pristine skin would bear my future

and when sook soaks me up

and visions are blurry and I cannot find home,

on your skin, like a crystal ball, I’d not be lost.

I have imagined you, babe, to be tall,

not for my dislike for things close to earth

but for a rescuer whose voice may get to the heavens quickly.

My kits and I have called on God,

and his silence has been most audible.

Maybe with you He shall listen and kill Shell.

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