Can Your Inner Guide Help You With Your Emotional and Physical Well Being?

Whenever we are facing a dilemma, we can feel a voice in our heads telling us the right thing to do. At times we listen to that voice, but often we ignore it only to regret it later. People call these voices by many names such as guardian angels, spirit guides, inner guides, and some others. Some consider them as separate entities, whereas others say that they are a manifestation of our inner consciousness. But no matter what people might call them, one thing is sure that these non-physical entities are always there to help us in our endeavors.

People who deal with the mystical studies and arts say that they can directly communicate with the spirit guides. People with intuitive powers can speak to these guides and ask for help about the steps they are about to take, or about some dilemmas that they are facing through sessions called spirit reading. They believe that although we can choose whether we listen to our spirit guides or not, following them can have an immensely positive impact on our lives.

Immaterial of whether we choose to believe in them or not, spirit guides or inner guides are supposed to help us succeed in our endeavors. We seek help from them when we are heartbroken or when we feel lost and look for an indication in the right direction. At times we feel perplexed by the complications of life and seek company from a higher power to lead us. Here we are going to discuss some information that can be beneficial for an individual’s personal growth.

What Are Spirit Guides or Inner Guides?

No one has a clear answer to this. People adept with the paranormal forms state that spirit guides are spirits of human beings who exist in their afterlife. However, instead of being born again, spirit guides serve other living beings by guiding them through the duration of their lives towards their destiny. They say that this way, the spirits try to attain an evolution of the soul, which would lead to the release from the cycle of death and rebirth.

On the other hand, the scientific community describes this as a higher brain function or inner consciousness that we cannot control. Scientists say that human beings can control about 5-6% of the entire potential of our brains. Rest of the brain functions on its own. The inner guides or inner voices are a conscious manifestation of these cerebral functions, and that is why they guide us towards our well-being. Many scientists state that these inner voices are our brain functions trying to stop us from degrading habits or indulging in something that might harm us, or they merely complement our strengths.

Do Inner Guides or Spirit Guides Help Us Throughout Our Lives?

Whether one chooses to believe in the scientific explanation or the paranormal explanation, spirit guides or inner guides are always there throughout our lives. They might appear only at specific intervals when they are most needed, but their presence is with us at all times. The ancient people believed that meditation could help us establish a better connection with our spirit guides. That can be true for both approaches. Meditation can help us get in touch with our spirit guides, or they can help us unlock the higher brain functions.

We feel the presence of the inner guides or voices at specific times. But we don’t feel their presence during regular times in our lives. Psychic experts say that we experience multiple spirit guides during our lifespan. Some of them stay with us forever, while others have specific purposes and come to our aid during certain times such as when we are sad or heartbroken. They can also be the result of certain higher forms of neurochemical activity. We know that feelings of sadness or depression are associated with the release of neurochemicals. It suggests the higher brain functions may release other neurochemicals to counter the previous ones. That is why when we listen to our inner guide or higher brain functions, we feel relieved.

People can believe in either of the two approaches. Many people who are highly educated and follow scientific theories in their lives also believe in external and internal higher powers. Some people are spiritual by nature and relate the inner guide to be guidance from god. Irrespective of the way we want to believe in inner guides, there is no doubt that inner guides are here to help us succeed and prosper in our lives.

Photo by Simon Migaj on Unsplash

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