Cannabis Trends That People are Trying

The cannabis industry is rapidly transforming, and new trends emerge each year. It’s an exciting time for marijuana, which might be why so many people are trying it for the first time. From new edibles to concentrates, there’s a trend for everyone.

When it comes to cannabis, people’s experiences can vary quite a bit. For some, a strain might put them to sleep, while others might feel jittery and anxious. It makes sense when you think of how complex it is. There are many types of strains, each with varying levels of cannabinoids, like THC and CBD. Plus, your personality can play a role in how you react to pot. Companies today realize how varied people’s experiences are with weed, and they are offering services to help people customize their experiences. For instance, some apps let you keep track of the effects of different strains, and they can recommend the best variations to try.

Use of Medical Marijuana
Many people with chronic health conditions use cannabis to try to relieve their symptoms or treat the underlying condition. In states like New York, it’s easy to get your medical marijuana card if you have a qualifying condition. Once you have access to a medical marijuana card in NY, you can enjoy one of the other cannabis trends, such as concentrates. If you have a medical condition, talk to your doctor about your options. They’ll help you determine the right dosage and strain to try. There are lots of different products on the market today, so don’t be afraid to experiment until you find the ones that work for you.

Use of Concentrates
Concentrates are infused with CBD or THC and can give you a stronger hit. For those with chronic illnesses, concentrates, which can have over 90 percent THC, might be just the thing to provide the relief some medical marijuana patients need. They offer advantages over smoking. Since vape pens are small, you can easily slip them in your pocket, and they don’t need time to heat. You just need to take a pull and get a hit that doesn’t smell as strong as smoking. You can even use concentrates to micro-dose, another trend among marijuana users. The features make it easy to use weed, and cannabis users will likely continue to get creative with concentrates.

Other Products
Concentrates and dry herb aren’t the only products people are trying. Their interests are shifting from flower to other methods of consumption. For instance, those who don’t want to smoke cannabis are choosing edibles. That includes everything from gummies to fine dining experiences. One reason that so many people are looking to edibles is that they may offer a longer high than smoking. Those who need long-lasting pain relief might find that edibles are better suited to their needs. Beverages are considered edibles, but there is an increasing demand for infused cannabis drinks. For example, some people like beverages with CBD or THC for potential medicinal benefits. You can find products like smoothies and lattes infused with marijuana oil.

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