We Can’t Let Trump Happen Here!

So the conventions are over, balloons popped, confetti and little American flags hopefully recycled into condolence cards for the lack of a civil electoral process—though Bernie did a great job! Hillary is the first woman presidential nominee, for better or worse.

But however you feel about the outcome of the primaries, one choice is incredibly clear:

There’s no way Donald J. Trump should be allowed anywhere near our house, much less the White House.

Artist Robbie Conal’s new poster campaign, “Bully Culprit/Can’t Even,” is about Donald J. Trump, whom so many of us consider to be a major threat to our country’s social and political values. Robbie feels so strongly about Trump’s demagoguery–especially his appeals to hate, fear and prejudice–that I’ve made a double-sided street poster about him! With your help Robbie plans to get 1000’s of them printed, shipped, and pasted up on the streets of America before the November election.

Bully Culprit
Bully Culprit by Robbie Conal

Printing, shipping, supplies, and travel are costly. But with your help, through donations to this project’s GOFUNDME page, Robbie and his volunteer team will be out there practically every night, spattering ourselves with glue and doing their best to deliver the message.

In just a few days online, this campaign has already reached its initial goal. We’re urging all Cultural weekly readers to contribute even more, overfund the campaign, and do our artistic part to make sure Trump never, ever gets into the White House.

Contribute to this campaign here.

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