Capturing Movement: Moses Hacmon's "Faces of Water"

Photograph by Moses Hacmon
Whether you are religious, spiritual, an atheist or scientist, everyone agrees that water is the source of life, if not life itself. Everything that lives on our planet originated from water.
But we cannot actually see water. Water completely ignores light waves. Light passes through water and for that reason water is clear. What we see when we look at water is light reflected off its surface. Water is – always has been — unseeable… until now.
Moses Hacmon’s Faces of Water is part art, part science, part spiritual awakening.
Moses Hacmon’s photographs of water are not to be missed, and neither is this opportunity to fund a fascinating project that’s happening – with analog technology no less. Maybe you didn’t catch his show at the HUB in the Arts District last week. Maybe you’ve realized there is never too much art in the world. Maybe you’ve won the lottery and want to share. Maybe you’re just a generous soul.
It is a good time to remember that water is a blessing. And that art is a gift to the world. Moses is very close to goal of $23,400 and there’s only a few more days to go. Can Cultural Weekly readers rally for the cause? We’ll find out. In the meantime, head on over to Moses’ page and take a look at his bewitching photographs. Don’t forget to donate by Monday, September 9, 2013.

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