What CBD Dose Should I Use?

One of the most difficult things about supplements is determining the right dose. There isn’t always a typical starting dose; it often depends on the individual, as with many other supplements. Although there definitely isn’t a dose that works perfectly for everyone, you can absolutely find the right CBD dose for your needs. If you’re starting out with cannabidiol CBD oil, you should absolutely use this guide to find the best dose for your needs.

How Do People Dose CBD?

Although there isn’t a definite answer to the exact CBD dose that will help you the most, people have been figuring it out based on trial and error. Many people dose CBD based on weight. That means if you’re a smaller person, you’ll probably want to start out with a smaller dose, and vice versa for a larger person.

Of course, that’s not always true, and it might not hold true for you. If this is your first-ever time trying out CBD, you probably want to start small just to make sure. After all, you can always increase your dose if you find that it’s not working well for you.

Finding a Starting Strength

The mg/ml number on the CBD you purchase is the CBD’s strength. This stands for “milligrams per milliliter” and allows you to know how much CBD you’re taking depending on the amount of cannabidiol CBD oil you take. A larger number means that you’ll get more CBD even if you only take a few drops.

Charlotte’s Web suggests that beginners should start with its 17 mg/ml formula. This offers a good starting point for anyone who’s just getting into CBD. It’s just over one-third as strong as the next strength, which is 50 mg/ml. That means if you ever want to move to a stronger formula, you can easily move up.


Microdosing describes when you start with an incredibly small dose of cannabidiol CBD oil and very slowly increase the dose. It’s a popular method of dosing CBD oil because the perfect dose for you might lie within just a few drops. Microdosing allows you to get to that exact dose as easily as possible, because you’re moving just a few drops at a time.

If you want to try microdosing, start using your CBD with just a few drops. Many people start with only 1-3 drops at a time. Then, increase your dose by one or two drops every few days. Eventually, you’ll start to feel the effects of the cannabidiol CBD oil, and that’s a great dose to stick with.

Moving to a Different Strength

If you’re using more than a milliliter of your CBD every day to get to the right dose, you might want to consider moving to a different strength of cannabidiol CBD oil. A different strength will help you get the same benefits of CBD with a lesser dose.

For people who are on a relatively small dose, this can make sure that you only have to buy your cannabinoid CBD oil pretty rarely, especially if you get a large bottle. But on a higher dose, it means that you don’t have to buy your CBD every month or sometimes even more regularly, which can save you money.

Adding Different Methods of CBD

On top of different strengths, some oil manufacturers offer a variety of methods of taking CBD that you can use. If you find that you need additional methods of CBD, look around your CBD manufacturer. If you’re purchasing your CBD from a high-quality manufacturer, this is a great way to expand your CBD routine.

At Charlotte’s Web, you can get a variety of different CBD methods, including CBD gummies, CBD oil, CBD capsules, and much more. If you’re looking for the best CBD products on the market, Charlotte’s Web is a great way to increase your CBD routine.


The only real way to find the right CBD dose is with trial and error. Although this might seem frustrating to first-time users, it’s actually a great way to perfectly tailor your CBD dose to your own needs. You can change up your dose however you want, even if it’s only by a few drops, to make it more effective. Of course, the biggest consideration should always be for quality, and if you’re prioritizing quality, you can’t go wrong with Charlotte’s Web. Get your cannabidiol CBD oil at Charlotte’s Web for the best experience every time.

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