Cheryl Gross and Nicelle Davis Poetry Films Part One: Commit to Memory


Death is a charmer; nothing makes us feel more alive than brushing shoulders with Death at a bar, in our cars, or at 5,000 feet in the air. Every time we risk and survive there is a thrill. We feel like we won more life because we are not the one dying.

There is something sexy about Death, how when poachers take a machete to the face of an elephant, the gaping wound resemble a wet vagina, how sex is always better once it’s gone, or when whalers take a grenade harpoon to a whale—even more so when an entire species is gone, how life looks for life even inside a zoo.

But Death is a trickster. We can never win at Death’s game. We remain alive, while our humanity is dying. Soon, there will be nothing of our lives worth living for.

Commit to Memory: The Precipice of Extinction is a multi-platform project that addresses the eventual disappearance of our culture using animals as metaphors. We explore issues of global warming, displacement, assault and poverty. Commit to Memory: The Precipice of Extinction will be (Cheryl Gross and Nicelle Davis’) fifth book and motion graphic. We’ve shown our films: list book/motion graphic films; across the world and hope to expand our reach and impact.

Henry Darger and Walton Ford inspire us. Both artists incorporate bizarre themes in. Darger uses a jarring mix of innocence and experience in his work, similar to what we capture in our poetic motion graphics. Ford states how society has perpetrated itself on animals in the form of colonialism; the animals in his work are tearing each other apart. Authors Stephen Crane and Nathanael West do the same; we love how their work thrusts with social and ecological urgency.

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